HCE Class Suggestions?

ZumaoZumao Posts: 7
edited August 2013 in TL Hardcore Mode
What do you guys find easiest/hardest about each class in HCE?

Is there a class that has better survivability than other classes? I can find plenty of guides on the forum here but nothing that says "this class does **** better than others" simply "this build does better".

I saw some good posts for beserker, engineers have built in survivability and the others (outlander/embermage) are both ranged and good at kiting. But are they all so equally balanced that HCE is going to be about the same difficulty on all classes?

Note: I want to solo this. After fiascos with D3 I refuse to let my anxiety be tied to any sort of lag or "rogue element" from another player. While there are always options of using things like rapid respec or grabbing an old save, I prefer to avoid this if at all possible as I'm somewhat of a purist when it comes to that.


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