HCE - Anyone for fresh start?

EdeusEdeus Posts: 6
edited August 2013 in TL2 Hardcore Mode

I was wondering if anyone was up for a bit of party play starting tonight? Ofcourse ideally we'll have 6-players but 4 upwards would be fun too.
As the title says, im looking to play **** Elite, basically because i like the biggest challenge possible. I tested out the Synergies Mod over the last couple of days and found it dumbed the game down significantly - the toughest part being the opening area due to having only a few pots. Seemed like fun though so I'm keeping an open-mind in terms of mods (i have only ever used 1 - synergy) but initially im thinking Vanilla.

Voice comms would be awesome so hopefully you can come equipped with that - English speaking players please! sry!

If there isn't too much interest then so be it but fingers crossed there are a few more lurkers on this forum and some interest is generated. Maybe a Runic employee(s) want to get involved? ^_^

Anyway, let me know on here if you're interested and hopefully we can get going tonight. Im in London so GMT 18:00ish is probably when ill get to start organising properly.

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