Frosted Hills

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Got this game during the Steam summer sale. After 100 hours, I finally made it to NG+ on HCE.

I noticed that the Frosted Hills were especially bad early on. The ice tornados and ice archers were absolutely killer. I tried taking an ice potion to mitigate the damage... it may have helped somewhat.

Now I'm back here in NG+ and it hurts just as much as ever. Any tips? Don't get hit? Is stacking ice resist worth it? More Grell eyes? I'm wearing full Sentinel and have shoved a bunch of eyes into what I can. Reluctant to change gear.

If it matters, I'm on 36% all damage reduction and playing an Outlander.


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    Get as much life as you can and get to the cap for reduce all damage by a percent (75%). If using a shield get to max block as well which is 75%.
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    I'm not sure how to reach the damage reduction cap. I have two sockets that I can re-gem to Grell eyes, but that's only 42%. All of my armor pieces are socketed via the transmuter. Do you just reroll maps and look for the add sockets dude?

    I have 5900 hp at level 62. Is this abominably low? I do look for +health, but it really varies between 100-500 at the moment.

    As it is, I just rushed through Frosted Hills. Gonna try my luck in Act II now.

    Edit: LOL, just found the socket enchanter in the desert. Have like 6 or 7 more sockets now. Grell hunting time.
  • kuhchungkuhchung Posts: 72
    Ha, died to a slicer trap that I didn't see. It was behind a pillar and I was fighting. Oh well.
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    There's no need for super high DR in NG+ IMO.

    I don't think that's super low HP either, but not played in a long time so not really sure what HP was at levels south of level 100.
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    I let them use their ice tornados then either run around them or teleport right up to the casters then go wild on them. I can kill them in just 2 or 3 hits but first you have to wait until the ice comes at they do not cast it as you are on them and they all hit you point blank.
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