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OK so after getting my destroyer to lvl 100 and the image class dude to lvl 40 I pretty much got this game down. I realized since u can enchant to **** near no end. The best option for gear is either a full set or my choice. Pick gear with unique enchantments that u can't get from enchanting and build from there. For example just about every piece of armor I got for my vanquisher has +20% ranged damage. But after wearing a temp face mask for a helm. And pretty much just a bra as chest armor. I finally meet read for my valkerie helm and assassin torso. And I gotta say I'm hella disappointed with how it looks on her. : ( the torso is an ugly full bodysuit. And the Valerie helm....well...equip it on a vanquisher and tell me its not rediculous lol. Had so much **** temp gear that looked so **** cool on her. Just had to let that out


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    So correct me if I'm wrong here... but reading between the lines you seem to be disappointed that the Unique gear for Vanquisher all shows less skin than nearly everything except Heavy Plate, right? :lol:

    Well as you can tell I *noticed* the same thing ;) - still more annoyed at how bulky most of it ends up looking, I like nimble looking girl archers. But in all seriousness I had to get over being let down with all the classes, once I figured out that almost all Unique gear comes in only 4 styles and none of it is the same as 'regular' armor. I really like the simple goggle look on Alchemist, and I wish there was ANY cool looking barbarian harness look for the Destroyer other than 'naked'. :(

    But consider this: you mention the bonus to ranged damage mod, it's nice enough but... to put it in perspective, in effect it's exactly the same thing as that many points in dexterity. (20% = 20 DEX) It doesn't work the way you would think (or want) it only adds to your total base gear damage, not your actual damage after stat boosts. The same thing applies to any %damage boosts with respect to weapon DPS, so all the elemental boosting effects are really only significant if you're using skills or spells that generate that damage type directly.

    Since you're obviously exploiting enchanting in some form, there's not too many Unique mods that even matter. I think there's only a few real godly mods that you can't get any other way (like from Chaos Gems): critical damage %; minion boosts; potion effectiveness. Otherwise just enchant whatever you like for the mods you want.

    Excuse the rant but as you can tell I get OCD about games like this, and all of this is still new to me so on my mind anyway. I don't know if you're playing the 360 version or not, but I happened to find the Empyrean body armor piece for the first time with a Vanquisher that I'd been running with the Gorgon (spiked style) set on, and had also just found a Valkyrie Envisioned (Valkyrie style helmet) , after just adding a Gunslinger style shoulder, and as it happened a Gold Standard staff I was carrying... bingo, the coolest mix-and-match look I've yet found. I don't have any convenient way to post a pic or I would. It's very mythical looking though, like a Hollywood Gladiator/Valkyrie getup or something.

    So maybe that gives you something to consider, or not. But it gave me an excuse to record some stuff I've noticed anyway. So thanks! :P
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