[CONCEPT] goblin farming.

CodeDmitryCodeDmitry Posts: 21
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I want to create a mod where a goblin spawns right near the waypoint of temple steppes which has guarantee to drop 100 items.

These items should fall into the following categories:
- amazing gems
- any legendaries
- set items
- randomized high blue items

I need this goblin to always flee.

How hard to make this kind of mod?


  • zParticlezParticle Posts: 211
    Treasure goblin, eh?

    The loot selection is just a matter of adding everything you want to a spawnclass and deciding on the relative chance for each item to drop. Fleeing will be a combination of AI selection, the monster's behavior stats, applying the FLEE EFFECT, and the random number generator, which in my experience means he'll *generally* try to run away but will also occasionally turn and attack. You might need a custom skill to make his behavior more consistent.
  • I cannot make it drop 100 items as it leads to incredible amount of lag. I think I'll play around with loot quality :(

    I give up, my spawn class is bugged, No matter how much I change it, it keeps on dropping 100 axes.
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