[Help] how to translation text in Torchlight 2 ??

shinw4yshinw4y Posts: 2
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Hi, i want to translate torchlight 2 to my language (vietnamese). I have unpack DATA.PAK to MEDIA folder ( include many file .DAT, .LAYOUT,..).
Anyone can give help me, name of the file I need translated? and tool edit it?

sorry my english is bad but i think that you can understan it.
Thanks for read!
help me plz!


  • EvningEvning Posts: 3
    Hey, i noticed no one replied to you, and you didnt post anywhere else, so i just wanted to let you know that you posted in the torchlight 1 forum, try posting in the torchlight 2 forum.

    Its newer so everyone should be there.
    This is the link viewforum.php?f=47
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