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HAI GUISE :mrgreen:

It's probably my first post around here, I was already registered, but I can't remember if I actually posted anything.

I've been involved in art and game development for some time already, but one of my shortcomings is that I have next to no knowledge of making 3D stuff.

Seeing how lately I'm pretty much hooked to TL2 (thanks to **** mode, huh) and modding tools have been released not long ago, I recently thought I could
try and teach myself some modeling and texturing by... well, making a mod.

I'm posting this in "design" since there isn't anything to show yet, even though I'm already starting to work.

I'm not the biggest fan of Studio Ghibli by any stretch, but some of their works are among my all-time favorites (Nausicaä, Mononoke, Castle in the Sky and just about any other) and, coincidentally, a lot of the props shown in Nausicaä and Mononoke show a technology level that could blend in well with what's already present in TL2 (steampunk-ish and tribal)

Overarching goals:
- Bringing into torchlight as many Ghibli-temed items as possible; time, skills and technical issues allowing.
- Developing said items from the ground up, with minimal reusing of assets - I'll reuse some, though.
- Staying true both to Ghibli's designs and Torchlight II graphical style, mainly through heavy use of references.
- Start slow with structurally simple items in easy categories and up the ante as knowledge of modding embiggens (both mine particularly and of the community at large)

First version goals:
- Create and import into GUTS models for the following items:
-- San's Spear (Mononoke) DONE :mrgreen:
-- San's Knife (Mononoke) DONE :mrgreen:
-- Ashitaka's Sword (Mononoke) DONE :mrgreen:


Tools used:
-GUTS, obviously.
-Blender + plugin for Ogre .mesh import/export
-GIMP + plugin for .dds import/export
-MyPaint for texture painting


  • Progress so far:

    I have already developed a model and texture for San's spear (mononoke), and imported it into the game as a test item, but I'm facing two problems:

    1 - One side of the blade is invisible - I have to correct the normals - normals corrected :mrgreen:
    2 - The textures are displayed in the correct pieces of the model - but they're garbled. So far I don't know how to solve this, I'll tackle this problem after the normals thing. - SOLVED :mrgreen: :
    The .mesh format didn't like the faces in my model... apparently because they weren't all triangles. The exporter plugin went LET'S TRIANGULATE ALL FACES, and did a botch job, creating extra faces from **** knows where and plastering texture over them with no rhyme or reason. Solution? Tell blender to triangulate them before exporting. I found this out by re-importing the exported .mesh and seeing that, indeed, it was a .mess rather than a .mesh :geek:

    Making a texture for San's knife wasn't hard, just different blade and markings, but lo and behold, GUTS is giving me inverted normals on the knife blade when displaying the model - even when I've double-checked they're all pointing outwards, and last time even refusing to display the texture! I'll remake everything from the ground up tomorrow, I don't know where but there's something very wrong in these files.

    After spending half the morning changing settings and exporting, and having the exported file lack any textures, I copied the material from some other item and modified it, seemed to do the trick. I wonder why the .mesh's weren't saving the material and texture data I gave them in blender.

    Pics, or it didn't happen:

    Pictures of San's spear (item from Princess Mononoke)
    Pointing both sides, so you can see I corrected the normals:
    This is a WIP file showing the texture I made alongside the texture I used for reference and experimentation.
    I have used too short a shaft texture, and my lighting and colors are too dull, but hey, what did you expect, I'm new to this. ;)
    Pictures of San's knife (item from Princess Mononoke)
    Just made a different blade texture, shaft and wraps are the same as in the spear.
    Pictures of Ashitaka's sword (item from Princess Mononoke)
    Hahaha the texture looks ugly, but it does the job!
    Thanks to Zyph for pointing me to the guide which describes how to use textures that include alpha transparency.
    Pictures of Nausicaa's Shortsword (item from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
    I don't include pictures from both sides because I already have got the hang of normals. This item may be slightly larger in proportion to the toon than in it's rendition from the manga, but I didn't feel like the size difference warranted a weapon arc shortening, so I just made it the same size as base game shortsword.

    Now this is something else ;)
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    Friggin' sweet. Do you have these up as a mod yet?

    Any plans to do any models? Because Totoro and the Susuwatari would be AWESOME pets.
  • gytfunke wrote:
    Friggin' sweet. Do you have these up as a mod yet?

    Any plans to do any models? Because Totoro and the Susuwatari would be AWESOME pets.


    No, it's not published yet. I figure I'll publish it once I have completed the Nausicaa shortsword items (all the items so far introduced come in plain, magic and unique varieties)

    Plans to do models? Of course. But they'll take a lot of time, both to learn how to and to actually make.

    To be honest, for models I thought I'd start with Ashitaka's... whatchamacallit, that red goat thing he rides on, for a pet. I figured I could probably use the deer pet skeleton&animations and just tweak the model and reskin it. And the next thing I had in mind were Horseclaws (toriuma?) and slug-worms from Nausicaa.

    But yes, if I get that far, Totoros and a bunch of Susuwatari WILL be made, and come to think of it, they'll probably be simpler to make from scratch than Horseclaws.

    I'm learning most of the stuff as I go, I had a vague familiarity with blender but that's all.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :D
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    Good looking stuff!
    Join us at http://torchboard.org/forum/index.php to discuss the Far East Expansion!

    "Well, there can't be a final mod file, because everything keeps evolving." bran
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