How the fork do you add new icons into the game?

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Seriously, how? I can't see any imageset editor, the only thing I can find is a dds importer and an icon/gui images browser but I can't see where the **** do I add a new set.


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    Personally, I've never tried to do it through GUTS (if this is something the editor is even capable of doing); I just do it manually. Which basically involves making a texture sheet of icons (each icon being 64x64 pixels), savings it as a DDS, then copying an existing icon imageset file and changing names, etc. as needed in a text editor. Works easily enough for me.

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  • ...that's what I ended up doing, because anything I try with the editor just does weird stuff, crashes, violates memory (poor memory), and just doesn't produce useful results.

    It still doesn't work properly:

    -What are the native res fields good for? Where do the numbers even come from??
    -Why is my 512x512 .dds file being displayed as a bigger image in the texture sheeter? (the sub-image boundaries don't line up with the 64x64 squares in the file)
    -Why does the game engine ignore the icons (that despite other trouble display properly in the item unit edit screen? (doesn't even display rarity colors)
    -What's the auto scaling field good for?
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    - The native res fields are a mystery to me but you should leave those alone (default is 1024x768, iirc).
    = The display issue in GUTS is something I have experienced; I believe you have to have a PNG version of the file in the right location in the GUTS media directory to get it to display right. I personally don't bother with this since it's not too hard to figure out where the icons "actually" are, but the PNG is how you fix it.
    - Not sure what you mean by the game engine ignoring the icons, although maybe altering the native res is causing this?

    Don't know what the auto-scaling field is, never seen it.

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  • Okay, it seems to work properly now :)
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Imageset Name= "weapons1" Imagefile="media/ui/icons/weapons/" NativeHorzRes="1024" NativeVertRes="768" AutoScaled="true">
    	<Image Name="icon_weapon_staff13" XPos="1" YPos="1" Width="62" Height="62" />
    	<Image Name="icon_weapon_staff12" XPos="65" YPos="1" Width="62" Height="62" />
    	<Image Name="icon_weapon_staff11" XPos="129" YPos="1" Width="62" Height="62" />

    There it is the AutoScaled field, right after NativeVertRes... Native of where? The Lost Continent of Mu?
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    LOL! Your descriptions cracked me up XD Anyways, I'd like to add that sometime you might run into the issue of having the image the correctly sized but wrong resolution, it will look like the boxes in guts are too small for the actual icon lol. This was a pain in the **** for me to figure out when I was working with icons. Remember 96x96 not 72x72 DX, stupid Photoshop would always convert it automatically for some reason, even if I told it to keep everything original. I hope I've added some insight despite how little it may be DX
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    Don't forget, Phanjam has his own version too! His forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=46993&p=483784#p483784
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    Creating a “fork” is producing a personal copy of someone else’s project. Forks act as a sort of bridge between the original repository and your personal copy. You can submit Pull Requests to help make other people’s projects better by offering your changes up to the original project. Forking is at the core of social coding at GitHub.Making and pushing changes :Go ahead an d make a few changes to the project using your favorite text editor, like Atom and pinoy shows . You could, for example, change the text in index.html to add your GitHub username.

    When you’re ready to submit your changes, stage and commit your changes.

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