Streaming HCE Derinkuyu "Ironman" Synergies Mod

AnakoretenAnakoreten Posts: 53
edited August 2013 in TL2 Hardcore Mode
Starting my first trial run now.

The rules/restrictions are simple and as follows:
- You may not progress past Estherian Enclave
- You may only clear/farm up to Grell
- Get to level 100 doing only Derinkuyu
- All gear has to be self-found or bought in the act 1 shops or from Tabletop Mountain vendors, though you can store things you find, you may not withdraw anything from the shared stash

(Currently adding more than restricting to the rules. I'll probably be re-adding restrictions later on)

As a validation I'm streaming every second of gameplay. And keeping all past broadcasts.
You can find me currently preparing on


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