Totally looking for someone to play with!

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Hello TL2 Community,
I have recently discovered this game and it finally arrived a few days ago. Now so far it has been really amazing, but none of my friends were interested in playing this, so I thought I should get in touch with some of you!

I really want to do some co-op, preferably with somebody around my age (18 years), but as long as you are fun to play with I don't really care if you are guy/girl, old/young, hetero/gay or whatever! I am from Germany but don't have set times at which I play, I think we could work something out. Runic ID is Welloy, feel free to add me; by now this seems to be an awesome and caring community.



  • 132 views and no responses... really? Doesn't give me much hope for my forum post. :( I'm somewhat new the scene myself and looking for others to play with as well. However, I'm a student so I don't have THAT MUCH time but the time I do have, I'm looking to spend in a more organized guild setting. I came out of a Diablo 3 guild when I converted over to Torchlight 2 (a superior game imho) so I know such things should exist. I hope you've found people that are active in your timezone to play with. Wish me luck. :)
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