Rename synergies Leveling dungeon, and win a free copy TL2!!

SalanSalan Posts: 2,642
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SynergiesMOD is almost a year old, and when it is I am giving away 2 copies of Tl2 !!

Yes, that's right. Want a free copy of TL2? You need to take part in the contest then!

Go to this thread on my forums, and make a post if you want to be entered into the challenge.
Also get yourself Immortalized in the up coming Hall of Heroes, where everyone who owns SynergiesMOD will get to see an in-game representation of your favorite character! ... 1#msg24801

Good luck!
Synergies Conversion mod:
Elite monsters, Hero monsters, world bosses, rare dragons, rare trolls, three tiers of End Game Raids, Legendary Armor sets, NEW Legendary Weapons, 3 new classes, Mercenaries, and Angels!

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