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I'd like to change some of the soundtracks and maybe add a few new ones to the game, but I have no clue how to do it.
I only merged a few mods with GUTS yet, so we can safely say I know nothing about the thing. Anyway, any kind of support or guidance is welcome!
If you can just point me to the right direction, I'll probably be OK. :)



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    Since there were quite a lot views on this topic, and not a single comment - I presume it's not only me who is interested in this question, and don't have answers.
    I've spent a few hours the day I made the first post looking into the matter at hand, so I'm gonna share here what I found, maybe it will help someone one day.
    If my shallow knowledge will grow on this, I intend to update this thread further on. I'd like to emphasize, this is not a complete guide (it's pretty far from that actually) or anything like that, it's just some basic stuff from one amateur to another, so handle this with that in mind.

    Changing a track (theme) in the game to something else:

    You have 2 options to find the track you want to change, and 2 options to actually change it.

    Let's see the simple way that does not require GUTS:
    To find the track you want to change, go to the music folder in the game's root directory, you'll find a bunch of .ogg files there. These are the tracks the game uses to add music to each and every zone in the game (main menu included). To find the desired track, just load up this directory in your favorite player and start listening. Once you found what you're looking for, you'll know the name of the file you need to replace. So, all you need to do from here is convering the tune you want to add to .ogg format - there is a pretty thorough description regarding bitrate, normalization and such things on the TL2wiki page, so I don't want to go into that in details -, rename it, and replace the track in the music directory. There you go, you've changed a music track in the game. I suppose you also can merge two (or more) tracks together if you don't want to lose a single track from the game, and replace the original after that.

    Keep in mind: This way you change the music in a particular zone of the game, since each and every track assigned to one of the zones in the game.
    So far I only used this method to change a single track in the game which I did not like.

    I can't really say the other option I've found is much more complicated, it just requires GUTS to be done.
    OK, so as I mentioned the music tracks ar assigned to zones, so to change the track of a particular zone you need to load up that zone (layout) and assign it's tune to a new track. To add a new track to the list, you just need to save your tune in .ogg format (as before, except this time you actually add a new name to the track, not an already existing one from the music folder) and copy it to the game's music folder. Once you've done that it should appear in the dropdown list.

    I'm sorry I don't have GUTS in front of me right now, so I can't really support this description with screenshots as of now - but I'm going to update it later, to make it more comprehensible.

    I'm still looking for a way to add several tracks to a particular zone, the "official" way - meaning, not with the help of an audio-editor program to merge multiple songs in one huge track. But I don't know if that's even possible (well, it should be).

    I may ask DeeZire about this, Dee added TL1 town music to TL2's first town exactly the way I'd like to do it for several zones, so .. may be that will be the way, hehe :)

    If anyone have any suggestion, please make a comment, also If I'm wrong in something feel free to correct me - I'm still learning this thing.
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    The problem I've been having is that the tracks I add do not play. For example, of three tunes, two would not work. I would reload the mod in GUTS, having changed the file names of the tunes, and two of the three tunes would again not work -- only this time, the tune that previously worked does no longer. It's strange, and irritating, thus I've resorted to the crude solution I created the tutorial about. If you don't have this problem, however, I may reinstall GUTS. The program certainly loves to leak memory, so perhaps something was corrupted along the way that has bugged my music files.

    I suggest Audacity, by the way. Free and powerful, and for this purpose you can convert a file to an .ogg in four clicks. Two to open it, one to hit file, then the fourth to click "export as ogg (vorbis)". The technique of replacing music is not satisfactory, and, should you upload your mod to the Workshop, would have the player hear the track you replaced instead of the track you want them to hear. Adding a togglable sound effect is my solution for the time being. :(
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    I myself have only ever used the straight file substitution method. I came out with a completely different soundtrack for TL1 that way (different, not new - I "borrowed" music from another game :? )
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    The easiest way (the way I did it) was to load up the Level Ruleset editor and find the ruleset for the dungeon you want to change the music for. Theres a dropdown list on the top right that allows you to select the level music there. It's worth noting that every track from both games ships with TL2, they can all be found in the music directory, but TL2 doesnt make use of any of the TL1 tracks even though they are there and can be used. Theres even a few that are not used in either game. Theres a preview button next to the dropdown list so you can listen to them too.
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    Hey thanks for this Deezire!
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