[Tutorial] How to (easily) add custom music to your level

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What's up guys, so you've tried adding music to a level, huh? Didn't work, did it? Edited your sound files seven ways to Sunday? Fret no longer! The easy way of adding music is here, and it's as simple as these four steps.

1. Create the music folder in your mod's media folder.
2. Create a Sound Bank for your file, and add it to the Sound Bank.
3. Add a Sound item, set the Sound (top of its Property Window) to your sound.
4. Set Environmental to False, so this sound can be heard anywhere.
Voila! Enjoy your music. :)

Note: Music created in this way will be affected by the Sound Effects, not Music, slider in the options menu!
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    Does this add the music in a way where its volume will be controlled by the music volume slider in the preferences?

    I ask because, if it doesn't, then adding music this way may not really be a good practice.
    I'm not one of them myself, but some people do turn off the in-game music in preference to their own music (or to no music at all) and if this involves adding music that the user cannot turn down or mute separately from other game sounds, it might not be the best solution.

    (Don't get me wrong: it's very good that you figured out a way to do this, as I do recall hearing people had a problem getting custom music to work. But if adding music this way takes control over the music volume away from the player, this method could be a problem. If it is treated like the regular music, of course, then no problem at all.)

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    That's a very good point, and unfortunately I believe the music would be unaffected by the music slider in the options menu using this method. :( I'll post back with the results soon.

    Edit: Yep, as expected the Music created in this way is affected by the Sound Effects slider not the Music slider.
    A community and resource hub for Torchlight modders.
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    Hiyya slackerlife! May I re-post your tutorial on the http://tl2modding.wikidot.com wiki?

    Would love it if you'd also sign-on so you could keep updating your work too :mrgreen:
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