[Solved] Duplicate Login

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Hi everyone,
maybe you where playing TL2 online and somehow your computer or PC crashed. After that you wanted to play TL2 again but it said duplicate login.
I had the same problem while playing with a friend. So i went to the forum and wanted to search for an answer but i couldn't find a solution. While that my friend figured out a very easy why to solve this by himself:
At the login menu press Manage Account and click ok to open the Runic Games account management website there you log in.
That was all; now try to login again and enjoy the game.
Another problem i had with the lobby was, that we can't see each other online in the friendslist after log in. After logging out and logging in again we where able to find us.
So if you can't find the others game try to relog and you may see your friends online/they see you.
Hope this will help someone out there. Feel free to comment if you had this problem too and where able to solve it.

Since i didn't want to answer in someones old thread i just created this thread so it may be better to find.

Hope one day TL2 will be really finished/polished.


  • Solved my own problem in 2017 with this 2013 topic, wow... Thank you
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