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Hello everyone,

I want to take a moment to put my name out there. I'm looking for a guild, organized group or a gaming community that's very active in Torchlight 2. Furthermore I'm looking for such that uses either Teamspeak 3, Mumble or Ventrilo to effectively communicate with each other and generally have some good laughs while playing.

A little about myself (skip this if you want to). I'm 30 years old and prefer a mature group. I'm a student so my availability may not always be 100% reliable for any organized events (but I will certainly try to make them). Despite this, I'm fairly active when I'm not involved in schoolwork. I'm not the most experienced player out there so I may ask questions here and there, but I'm pretty good at figuring a lot of things out for myself (I love Google). I've VERY much against cheaters, so I'm looking to avoid any group that actively participates in it. I just want a clean and close-to-vanilla experience, however I'm not against mods if the group uses some in game.

My steam ID is "Thellorms", and I believe my Runic ID is the same. Also, I'm very open to the idea of communities that not only play a lot of Torchlight, but also dabble in other games on Steam as well. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to have some new experiences.


  • I'm not in a guild or group or any such thing, but I am actively looking. I'm not sure if our schedules would line up but I'd be willing to play with you over Steam.
    I play no cheats, usually with a few mods (Synergies, LAO 2.0li at the moment) but I'd be willing to go back to vanilla (although I have to say Synergies makes the game much more fun for me).
    Sound like we're about the same experience level too. PM me if you're interested and we can work out some details.
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