Seismic Slam... Breaking Shields???

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Hi all,

I apologize if this isn't new, but out of boredom I decided to roll with an Engineer that uses Seismic Slam. I don't normally like DoT, but I find that on HCE it helps to do damage while running away.

Anyways, to put things in context

Engineer, lvl 14 on HCE, no mods
SS with 5 skill points and the rest in Healbot and Forcefield... game is pretty smooth at this point.
I have a basic 1h mace and a shield for survivability.

After killing 250 enemies and upgrading the mace, I get a 75% chance to break shields on hit.
Then I walk into a pile of shield-bearing undead and Seismic Slam .... almost all their shields shatter!

I am using SS now to shatter shields with a success rate of about 75%.

It is definitely not the measly 20 fire damage SS does at my level.

So... has Seismic Slam always procced certain weapon effects??
If so, then I love this ability!

NOTE* I tried this with a basic axe that gives 5 life per hit... and got nothing! So far only breaking shields.
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