Looking for people with voicechat to play with

jesozo1213jesozo1213 Posts: 2
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I'm right now looking for someone or a small group of players with some sort of voicechat that i can play with and generally have a good time. Im soon 15 and not really experienced with the game at all. And im not looking for serious gamers who just want to complete the game i just wanna have a good time learning the game. i come from Sweden so it would be best if you are from the EU just so times match and someone doesnt get a really high ping.
contact me if you are interested. my runic username is jesozo1213 and my steam ID is the same.


  • I am currently also playing solo, but am looking for a group. I'm not sure if our schedules would line up but I'd be willing to play with you over Steam.
    I usually play with a few mods (Synergies, LAO 2.0li at the moment) but I'd be willing to go back to vanilla. If you want, I can help you get the mods too (personally I think it's more fun).
    Sounds like I've put in more time than you have, but whatever; game is still better with a friend. PM me if you're interested and we can work out some details.
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