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Greetings runicgames forum and all its' users. TLDR at the end.

I'm very new to Torchlight 2 and have to admit that I've never played Torchlight 1. Nonetheless I'm really enjoying myself in this game. I do have one issue maybe some of you more experienced players could help me with. I'm looking for a good build to really, really support my friends but also viable for solo play. With this I mean what I write: I want to heal/buff/protect my friends when playing with them but I still want to be able to play on my own if that happens. I've been browsing the engineering forums and have read through the 1h+shield builds but I can't really find what I'm looking for, maybe I'm stupid but then so be it.

From what I've read there are plenty of focus heavy build or strength build with 1h+shield to be able to play on elite. None of these build are really clear if they are good for playing with others. I want a build that uses skills that my friends benefit from heavily. I want to be able to drop Healing bot, (maybe) gun bot and FF (forcefield), then run into the middle of the action and get the enemies attention and let my friends have a field-day killing everything and not have a care in the world regarding health/mana. How should I go about to achieve this? At the same time I don't want to cripple myself playing solo. I don't mind if it takes some time and maneuvering to kill bosses/trash as long as I can do it with in the range of killing bosses under 15 minutes and trash under 5 minutes. Is there any advice or specific threads you can point me to?

Want a supportive engineer build that lets my friend just KILL, KILL, KILL when I'm playing with them but still want to be able to play on my own, even if playing with my self takes a while (pun intended ;) ).

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  • Well, it kind of depends what you want then I think...
    Healbot is pretty much mandatory for any build so you'll have that anyway and your friends will love it.
    Another good one to have is immobilization copter as it is very good at automatically debuffing packs of enemies and even damaging them if you get it high enough, while at the same time it's invulnerable (not targetable actually) and never runs out. Just cast once every time you move to a new area.
    Why do you want gunbot? This seems kind of like an odd choice, do you just like the idea of it? It's quite good, but really only starts shining after the first playthrough (over rank 10). Until then it's a bit underwhelming and has a long cooldown.
    Tremor is good to interrupt and knockback enemies over a massive area and debuffing them so your friends can hurt them more (physical damage only though). I kind of dislike its cooldown however, but that's a matter of taste. I tend to forget skills that I can only cast once every 10 seconds.
    Force field is an obvious choice, yes. I'd always take this skill on any engi.
    Dynamo field is nice, it's a great way of quickly gathering charge which lets you get a strong force field, and it also interrupts enemies over a big area allowing you to make enemies a lot less dangerous because they wont get around to hitting your friends as much.

    So, if I ignore gunbot for now, that brings me to this basic set of skills to build on from:
    I put 1 rank of storm burst in there as well for mobility.

    You're talking about running in and getting the enemy's attention, so tanking them... but how would you feel about using a cannon? Blast cannon lets you blind targets, which works on bosses and which makes them stumble around being totally useless while you and your friends just pummel them to death. It doesn't need more than 10 ranks though. Fusillade is also awesome once you get it to rank 10 and the rockets do AoE damage. Heavy lifting for more damage and stun, and 1 point in 1pointwonder coup de grace (don't need more because targets that have enough HP to need more aren't stunned easily). This makes a pretty awesome cannoneer and leaves 15 points to put in whatever... like gunbot if you want, though I think sledgebot is a better option as it can tank for you. Or put them in fire and spark for that extra umph on fusillade and dynamo field.

    You could also go full on zookeeper. Your minions will love the same things that your friends would, and you'll be walking around with an army even without your friends. This would require you to seek out equipment with +% pet damage, as your pet damage is not affected by anything else like your stats. In that case you'd want gun bot and sledge bot as well as the spider mines since they will do massive damage with all the pet damage boosts you should have. Include the two highest level skeleton spell scrolls available for your level and you can keep up quite the army. This can be very VERY strong, and is arguably the absolute safest way to play as you'll almost never even be targeted, and when you do you still have force field... but it can also be a bit boring because you'll be walking around constantly resummoning your skelletons and spidermines. Anyway, you'd get something like this:
    You could use the leftover points on bulwark to bolster your defenses even more... or seismic slam to stun anything that still targets you (although some enemies can be resistant). Or if you still like to dive in, get onslaught to jump into the fray and slow the enemy, then followup with some dynamo fields and/or tremor.

    I'm running out of inspiration a bit and really should be sleeping already, but you could just as easily take emberquake along... it doesn't really require other skills, so you could combine it with whatever. It's an awesome skill that does great damage.
    You may notice I didn't include any starter attack skill in this. You could float a point in flame hammer if you want, by which I mean buy it back from the skill reclaim guy in town every time before spending any skillpoints, then put the last point in flame hammer again, until you can get the skill you want. Spidermines are also good to use this way, although obviously if you're going zookeeper then spidermines will just become your main skill to spam once your other summons are out.

    Phew, big post and tired, so hope I wasn't rambling and I gave you some ideas :mrgreen:
    Looks like I just showcased my two favorite engineer builds, reading back... but really my point is that you could combine those first base skills that I'd advise for helping teammates with just about anything. So, if you want something else, read some guides and see if you can work in those first skills if they're not in there yet.
  • Thank you, Finraziel. I really appreciate the help!

    I like the thought of a cannon in my hands and blasting away. I will strongly consider this. The 15 unspent points, in the build you posted, I could as you say be put in F&S or EQ. What skills should I prioritize while leveling with this build? I'm guessing Healing Bot, Blast Cannon and Forcefield. Also, what stat points distribution is preferable?

    The first build you posted really helped me to get "inspiration". Also really good explanation of the skills and how they are great from a supportive perspective. If I don't go with the Cannon build you suggested I will use this first build as a base for a more tanking-like build. From my understanding though, 1h+shield isn't very good. So I'll read up on 2h and see what comes to mind.

    Regarding the Gunbot I've not tried the skill and just thought of it as good support to have a little bot flying around and help killing stuff. But with a long cooldown and only starting to shine in higher levels I think I will skip it altogether.

    Thank you again, Finraziel! Really helped me out with your suggestions and pointers.

    Warmest regards,
  • Healing bot and force field should always be kept maxed.
    Blast cannon I'd get to rank 5 asap and then leave it there for a while until you're sure you can shoulder the higher mana burden, then leave it at 10. Although I did just realise that blast cannon actually also increases all physical damage done to it, and so helps any friends that deal physical damage... So you may choose to level it further, but that's quite a bit later in the game and you'll probably have a better feel for what you want to do with the build yourself. Fusillade is a better (longrange) crowdkill skill, but only at rank 10, before that it's not so great, so if you take it wait until you can get it to 10 in one go. It doesn't blind, but if I remember correctly it does proc stun from your cannon and heavy lifting.
    Immo copter is great but once you get it to rank 5 you can probably deprioritise it if you want to level other skills... (this will be by level 50ish though, since it's a toptier skill)
    Dynamo field I'd just try to feel it out. You level it to increase its range and gather charge faster, so just put some points in and see how you get on. I do have to say that its range starts out not so great and gets a lot better with the tier bonuses, so especially as a cannoneer it will probably take a while to start shining as well (but the same goes for force field actually, the combination may feel underwhelming in the first few dozen levels, but then they get REALLY strong).
    Tremor I'd give a pretty low priority myself, but that might be because I always forget to cast it.
    Heavy lifting is also not the most important skill to rank up as fast as you can.

    As for statpoints, your main damaging skills (blast cannon and fusillade) use your weapon DPS, so strength is good. Dex is good for some crit. Focus does little for blast cannon (most cannons are largely physical damage), it helps fusillade but strength does it better, and dynamo field is not meant to do damage. Vit isn't very useful since its primary purpose is to increase block, which you wont have since you're holding a cannon rather than a shield.
    I don't really use any stat distribution tactics like are often asked for... actually what you really want is to save all your money and hope you run into Borris the stat enchanter (or reroll the world and run through crow's pass until he spawns). I usually just pump one stat (strength in this case) and then enchant all my gear when I can and just kind of up all stats equally because of that (you can disenchant and try to focus on specific stats but that's too expensive for a character just starting, more something for a lvl 100 trying to optimize the **** out of his build).

    1h+shield is awesome for other classes, I almost always use that configuration, but oddly for engineer, yeah it's not as potent... This is because force field gets hit before you block, so your block% does absolutely nothing to preserve it. It can keep you alive if your force field runs out, but it does make it less vital than for the other classes. It's kind of funny and sad at the same time that the typical tank class has the least value in hiding behind a shield.
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