Yellow Basilisk Eye build

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hey guys, I've been playing around with a Yellow Basilisk Eye (chance for thunder on hit) build on my Tenebris (TL2 Essentials). I had a question about the mechanics,

Does focus increase the damage your thunder on hit does?

This build looked to me like it would be good on Engineer as well, just dual wield, stack your weapons full of Thunder on hit chance (6-8 of them) then you can just max strength and get crit on gear.

I figure it will also proc on Engineer Flame hammer for each flame.

Has anyone ever tried a build like this?


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    ITs called a Spelltrigger build: You use a skill that will trigger the X% chance on hit for a spell to proc. A good example is a Chaos Burst Outlander. Typically, you want a ranged, multiple hit, or AoE skill to optimize this idea. I also suggest looking into items that proc Meteorstrike. There are several good ones, and you CAN get 100% to trigger it.
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    Yep. I like doing builds like this.

    Currently you can find these skills already on blue weapons (Meteorstrike 5% on kill, Acid Rain 10%, Glacial Spike 5%, Thunder 10%, Fire Rain 10%, Blinding Cloud 10%). I usually find them most useful on Pistols, Claws or 1h-swords, but they can drop on almost any blue weapon.

    I like dual weapons because then there are 2 10% chances. Sadly the percentages don't stack in this instance, but you do get two checks of 10% then. If you slot in 2-4 Yellow Eyes, then that means you would have 2-4 checks to proc it. They also don't stack, but are checked separately.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • Zero47 wrote:
    Does focus increase the damage your thunder on hit does?

    This is indeed a fun build, the effects are nice especially on AOE skills. Focus does increase the damage and strength increase the crit damage.
  • I have a few more questions,

    If you're dual wielding with a spell trigger build what happens if you execute? Do you get two hits thus two times a chance to trigger spells?

    How much dexterity should I be pumping into dex for crit? Right now I'm using Lucky Fish Tooths to pump crit.
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