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Hello guys, i'm kinda new to TL2 and the first character i create was a tank engineerto play with 2 embermage friends, so i take a look at skills and builds and decide mine, and then i looked at the stats too, and it seems very obviously to me, MAX vit to get the essential things (health, armor, block,...) and the rest on DEX to dodge as much as i can, did i miss something important thinking this way?
i saw no reason to put on focus as my mana is fine to me, and strength too, cause i want to survive as much as i can.


  • Unfortunately, tank builds just don't work in this game if you ask me. The main problem is that you have no way of keeping the attention of anything that doesn't die in 2 seconds anyway. I've just recently played in a two man team with me as the engineer and the other as embermage. I was actually built for damage, not for defense like you're planning to do, but everything was always running after my mage buddy because he was easily outdamaging me.

    As for building for defense, that doesn't work quite so well either. Vit is mainly good for block, however, as a defensive engineer you should take force field and have it up always, and block is only taken into account after your force field, meaning it does nothing unless your force field is destroyed. In the beginning of the game, this will still happen, but later your force field gets so strong that you should be able to refresh it before it does. That combined with the fact that the more dangerous monsters will still try to go for the embermages and force field also protects them, means you should just be focussing on getting charges and refreshing your force field as often as you can (and making sure your mage friends are nearby when you do, so they're shielded as well). The other uses for vit, well for health it's close to useless. I forget how much health it actually gives, but it's very little. It's much easier to just get some equipment or socketables that increase your health. By endgame you can get a socketable that singlehandedly will give you around the same amount of health that pumping every statpoint you ever get into vit would give you. Armor might be the only semilegitimate use for it, especially because it does help your force field... but on the whole, it's still not really worth it.
    Dex is better because it also gives you crit, but dodge isn't so great. You're better off going for strength or focus (depending on what main damage skill you choose, as a rule of thumb, if it uses weapon DPS, go for strength, otherwise focus). This will increase your damage output and make you better at persuading stuff to swing at you rather than your embermage buddies.

    As for what you do want to do, well, take a look in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=58417
  • So Finraziel, i thought i was doing right, so at the moment i'm level 61 with my vanilla char, with 316 poins at the moment on vit. As i'm tanker/support, the way of play is always the same, healing bot+immobilization copter at the start of the map, with the alternatively summon of gun bot and sledget bot, always keeping force field up on the embermages. my bots do damage, but i think my main damage is the spider mines. All my sockets are vit or more health, only exception for the weapon that is -all amor per hit. We are having sucess most of the time, especially as you said, with forcefield always up, the enemies that go after them almost all the time cannot break the shield, and as they both stay at a safety distance, we don't have big problems. So as you say and i noticed too, forcefield is the base of our team, for me as tank and for them as weak ones, so maybe i should put even more points on vit? Why you said dodge is not important, it doesn't count when i'm with the shield up? and if i choose to get some damage on my engineer, that my main damage is spider mine and after gun/sledge bot, which stats i put ?

    Thanks for the answer
  • Well, first off, if your character works for you, don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't :)

    Having said that though, if you still want my advice...
    About vit, well, all it will do is give you a very minor HP boost and some more armor. Do you feel you need more armor? If so you can go for it.
    Dodge isn't as important because a lot of high damaging attacks actually cannot be dodged, and like block it's checked after your force field so as long as you're shielded it doesn't come into play at all.
    Spidermines are awesome, but they are counted as pets, as are your bots. As such, they do not gain anything from your stats at all. The only thing that makes them better are +% damage/armor/speed/health for your minions that you can find on equipment. So, what you can do is find as much of those types of equipment as you can (especially damage, I never found my minions to really need much more health and armor, though some +speed is very nice). If you do that, you may as well use some summon skeleton spell scrolls and become a full on zookeeper. Also, since zookeepers barely do any damage themselves anyway (they have their minions for that), it's one of the only builds that are an exception to my whole 100% strength/focus strategy. In that case, yeah, going all vit is actually quite viable because even if it doesn't do as much as you might like, the other stats do even less.
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