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Hi everyone,

I'm currently running a 2h auto - attack strength - based engineer in Veteran.

I need a piece of advice -what weapon should I go for?

Since it is a str - based character I believe I would be better off using physical dmg only enchanted or rare hammers with sockets and some good inherent bonuses.

Most of uniques and legendaries offer a combination of physical and elemental dmg which doesn't seem a good option since I don't put any points in focus nor go for F&S.

And what bonuses should I look for on my weapon?

Currently I have an enchanted hammer with +1% crit chance, 15% dmg to secondary targets and 90% interrupt. I enchanted it with an additional 1% crit chance and 30% extra dmg to secondary targets and this weapon (combined with 5% supercharge) is really good.

Once I finish Veteran and go into ng+ I will write a summary of this build. Seems fun atm (beginning act 3).


  • Strength boosts all weapon damage, not just physical damage... so in your case it really doesn't matter where the damage is coming from.
    The only thing that might affect it some is if a weapon has lots of different elements, then each element has to make its own check against a target's armor... so all damage on a single element may be marginally better. I don't think it makes a very big different usually though.
  • Siegebreaker is a good weapon for physical damage. Also Foes Collapse as well, yhe great thing about foes collapse is it deals electric and physical damage, assuming you've taken fire and spark. Also Foes Collapse is FAST with heavy lifting. If your dex is 400+, you'll be dealing criticals like crazy. Also, with it being so fast, you'll build charge instantly, which will allow full forcefields constantly. This is my current engineer build, over 140 hours on just the one character and the game is too easy.
  • Currently using Demolisher with a mostly-STR focused build, works well if you keep building your Heavy Lifting since it (the weapon) is an automatic shieldbreaker (100% chance to break enemy shields!). A little faster than Siegebreaker (noted above) but also somewhat less-damaging.

    Elemental damages on weapon increase with Strength, so don't worry too much. If you're insisting on using a rare, look for damage, bonuses to damage (like + to poison damage, which puts it on the weapon, example), and some kind of procing stat if you're lucky enough (Thunder, Acid Rain, Glacial Spike, Scalding Geyser). For your other equipment look for +% Fully Heal Self when hit / on kill.

    If your weapon includes critical damage boost, critical chance, or damage to secondary target boost, that will work as well. But it won't do well if you can't output decent damage per swing (look at weapon damage, not DPS).

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    Siegebreaker carried me through pretty well for auto-attacking, and I believe it's the highest-dps weapon with a single damage type. Outside of that, legendary axes/hammers put out fine damage on auto-attack as well. For enchantments I primarily use Boris to get stat boosts or Moortiz for an extra jolt of fire damage. Skulls in sockets should primarily be Vastok (15% attack speed) or Vellinque (200 phys damage) depending on the speed you swing at, with Whorlbarb (10% crit chance) or Rambren (60% crit damage) to taste.

    If you're using forcefield, it's doubtful you'll need any % to heal fully, since most of the damage you take will get absorbed instead of hitting your health bar.
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