New guy going hard

fafefafe Posts: 2
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Hello everyone

Just got this game and boy... is it great!
I had seen people play the game before, did some research, I dare say I'm pretty well informed for a newbie, so I thoguth I would push things a little bit. Gone straight to veteran softcore.

At least for a while...

Don't get me wrong, one day I may feel the need of just relax while I slash through the enemy lines. Not today. Today I'm going ****, elite ****, of course!

I've just created an Embermage. A brave man with a strong heart and a sharp mind. He's destined to be great, the sky is the limit, and no creature can stand against his absolute power...

... except for the monsters inside that phase beast portal. Don't judge me, it seemed a good idea at the time.

But for my second Embermage... Ahhh, no no no... no one can stop him! Here I come, Alchemist!!!


  • RustyRusty Posts: 1,640
    hehe. Good luck. As a **** player, you've now learned one of the most important lessons. Portals are killers.

    I'll give you a freebie. Look out for the other most common killer. Traps. Check the floor for slots or holes. Many a noble **** character has been laid low by traps.
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