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I have 2 unique weapons atm.

311 damage
Attack speed (1.04)
Physical Dmg (162-225)
Ice Dmg (109-150)

308 damage
Attack speed (0.56)
Physical Dmg (57-80)
Ice Dmg (44-60)

Which is stronger? Does the faster attack speed make up for the power reduction in actual gameplay? Speed doesn't seem to affect the skills, so is Tong the better choice?


  • I think those two weapon had its own playstyle. tong is type of weapon that deals big damage at one shot, but have slow speed. beastbane is type of weapon that have very fast attack, but the damage its dealt per hit not as high as tong. its up to your playstyle,personally i prefer the faster weapon, also beastbane had this secondary effect that increase the critical damage bonus.
  • I prefer Beastbane since, even though initial damage is lower than Tong's, you'll pull your shot faster, which means you'll be able to relocate sooner if need be. Critical Damage bonus is also a plus.
  • Tong will do better against enemies with high armor, but Beastbane will be better for stacking special effects like elemental status, damage over time, armor reductions, and cast on hit effects.

    It really depends on which skills you use also.
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    For sure playstyle is the most important.

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