How to deal with missile reflect enemies with ranged builds

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How do you deal with these types of enemies with ranged builds? Most ranged builds rely on strong offense for a good defense, which means if you turn their own offense on themselves they get vaporized in an instant. I haven't come up with any good ideas to get around this yet.

Things I have thought of:
  1. Just stop shooting until the shield goes down.
  2. Use a non-missile attack.

There are problems with these ideas though. The missile reflect enemy might standing in the middle of a large group of enemy, meaning he is hard to isolate. It is hard to get close enough to use a non-ranged attack and it is hard to hit anything else with a projectile attack without accidentally hitting the missile reflect shield and killing yourself. While the shield is up, projectile area-of-effect attacks or any attacks that hit multiple enemies are useless.


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    Use Missile Reflect yourself ? :p
    I believe it does protect you in that case...

    Other than that, stop shooting, fall back, let your pet/summons work, and shoot back with a vengeance when the shield drops is what I usually did.
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  • if i remember correctly i use shattering glaive to fight enemies with reflect shield ( outlander skill ). the glaive will detonate upon impact which will hurt the shielded enemy, my memory is vague though, didnt use ranged character for a long time.
  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Wyatan wrote:
    stop shooting, fall back

    That's the obvious answer but I mentioned that I don't like how the game can arbitrarily force a ranged build to go on hold for 10 seconds just because a single enemy in a large crowd decided to throw up a missile reflect shield. It's just mildly frustrating how this game plays favorites with its melee builds while the ranged builds have to fight against terrible camera angles, unfriendly terrain / tight spaces, lack of damage reduction, and on top of that missile reflect enemies.

    I wasn't aware that missile reflect damage also counted as missiles that can be reflected - I'll have to try that next time I suppose.
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    wolkenwand wrote:
    i use shattering glaive to fight enemies with reflect shield

    The build I was going for unfortunately didn't have any room for shattering glaive, but if the missile reflect thing doesn't work I may have to rework the build.
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    Just an update: missile reflect does not protect you from a reflected venomous hail at all (not even at 100% reflect).
  • I never thought about this. Those giant robots in forsaken vaults sometimes throw up a shield on them (like force field) .. they reflect missiles? I am not sure if they do because I never noticed getting hit back. They die as soon as they drop shield. Same with the rotating square shield guys in act 3, wraith lords dungeon. Everything die very quickly in front of 30-50% cast speed PB so its hard to notice but I would notice getting hit by reflected PB. If those guys dont reflect missiles then please provide an example, I am only past NG0, probably I didn't met them yet.

    If I ever met an enemy reflecting my own missiles at me, I would probably ice prison him first to see what happens. Then try Hailstorm.
  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Projectiles that move in a curved path like PB are very inaccurate when reflected since they lose their homing / auto-targeting property once reflected. That is probably why you never noticed - it is easy to miss unless you are looking for the "reflected" text or if you just so happen to get hit by one. The way VH works is different though, so when it gets reflected it always hits.
  • Yup I remember seeing the reflected text. But I never felt it as you said PB losing its homing ability.
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