Overload questions.

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Hi, i have some questions about Overload.

1. Does 50% bonus damage due to Charge works on electric damage from the spell ?
2. Does Superchage proc with Overload (in a range of 3meters i think it does) ? Useful to get full charge ?
3. Does CdG damage proc on Overload due to %WeaponDPS ?
4. Does Charge **** proc when you kill with Overload ?

Optional question : how crit increase damage ? how strengh increase crit damage ? I mean in terms of calcul.

Thanks and have a nice day.


  • 1) Yes. Overload will use all of your charges and boosts your total damage by 50% per charge -- so if you have 4 charges before casting your damage will go up by 200%.

    2) No, as Overload isn't a melee attack.

    3) Even though Overload does damage based on DPS, it doesn't trigger Coup de Grace? Needs more testing.

    4) Yes. Any skill you use to kill a monster, even autoattack, has the potential to trigger charge ****.

    If you plan to use this skill often, put at least a point in Charge Reconstitution. The stated recovery is per charge used. Using all 5 charges will multiply that by 5.

    Critical damage boosts your damage by a certain factor that is dependant on your Strength and all +% to Critical Damage on your equipment. Raising Strength increases critical damage bonus. Socketables sometimes come with +% to Critical damage and are usually put on weapons to get the effect.
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    Thank you !

    So Overload does a lot more damage than Emberquake and Flame Hammer for a focus build ?

    I wanted to have some information about strengh because I want an elemental (fire and/or electric) 2H weapon so basically I'll just need focus. But if critical damage can increase the electric damage from Overload maybe a hybrid strengh/focus would be better, won't it ?

    EDIT : i found that in the very end game, having more than 999 strengh is useless. So after this cap i should put point in focus (if having 100%crit chance). So basically it depends on gear but a strengh/focus/dex can do the more damage.
  • Focus may be better if your damages are mostly elemental. Flame Hammer is better if you are all Strength, since the damage done is simply weapon DPS percentage, but Emberquake turns total weapon DPS into fire damage, so Focus may work better for that.

    TBH I like using Tremor to keep monsters in check, since Tremor can execute equipment procs (like % to cast Thunder on target, example). It might not trigger coup de grace, but compared to Overload it only uses one charge. Unlike Overload though, it will only do damage if it uses a charge -- it'll do everything else but damage if you don't have any.

    Interesting combo may be Dynamo Field to build up the charges, then Overload to unleash them. This way you're not waiting on charge dom, but it can get quite intense with mana usage.

    EDIT: Messed up Emberquake -- it does Fire damage and % of Weapon DPS. No conversion. I was confusing that with another skill.
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