Just Beat HCE for the First Time

therapyneededtherapyneeded Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in TL2 Hardcore Mode
Pretty cool, I used a vanilla tank summongineer though, so I don't feel super proud of myself. The only scary moments were in Grom's Arena and against the Alchemist (both times I dropped to 1/3 HP at one point). I don't feel too bad about using a cheesy character for my first win in HCE though, since I didn't have any items built up and I went through on single player, so everything was self found. I'm definitely going to come back to HCE in the future, but I need to practice less invincible characters in SC first, as this was only the second time I've actually beaten the game (I get bored/frustrated with characters pretty easily).

Anyway, I was just pretty happy and wanted brag a bit (even though I realize I'm still a lot worse than most of you here lol). Good luck to everyone in their HC adventures!
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