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This is my first character "Proto". Playing Vet. No mods. Beat game. Currently lvl 60. Open to respecs.

In multiplayer games I like playing support. There is nothing more satisfying that making other people totally awesome. However TL2 doesn't quite have that, but I kinda reasoned that the best support is killing things faster. So I have (tried) to make an Engineer like that. Proto sets the pins (monsters) up, every one else knocks them all down. Thus far I have focused on Stuns and debuffs of sorts with some odd organic twists along the way.

Current Status (sortof): [LINK DELETED]

Heal Bot & Forcefield Max: Duh.

Seismic Slam Max: stuns lots of enemies and deals some extra damage. This is my primary move in groups where I tap dance around the mobs.

Shield Bash Max?: I wanted this to my primary stunning skill, attack skill, and charge builder. In practice SB is mostly support. I spam it on "medium" sized monsters to build up Charge and to herd all monsters into groups or corners/walls. SB is my strongest dependable attack, but it's pitiful since I now found out that damage is done by Focus. I don't know if I should max it out or not. Also SB Charge abilities still takes a while, even with +20% Charge from Gems & Enchantments. I tried out Dynamo Field but didn't like it. Between the cooldown and MP usage, Dynamo felt very clunky to combine it with Forcefield. SB works good for now, but I have the feeling it could be improved more.

Tremor 10-Max?: I got this for the debuff effects. I use it only when there are several (5) boss sized monsters or lots of monsters period (20). It's currently at 10. I don't know if I should Max it since the only new bonuses would be +10% "Physical Damage Taken" for 5 skill points (and a potentially negligible +50% "inflict Weapon DPS".)

Immobilization Copter 5-10?-Max?: Slow down, duh. However I don't know to what extent I should pump this. 10 points gets me electric attacks which could fit my elemental craziness (see below). Otherwise its just 10 potential points for 20% more slow. How popular is the Copter that someone else would have lvl 15?

Elemental Weirdness
This is a weird turn Proto took in just playing the game. Early on I got an Elemental Overload 1. I used it just to explore and learn the different spells of the game. It wasn't too shabby since it helped me kill monsters more quickly. It became very useful when I discovered that it worked with Coupe de Grace. The combo of Overlord -> Seismic Slam -> Coupe de Grace greatly improved my killing speed of "medium" sized monsters; especially magical ones that resurrect. (Yes my pet has Silence but still they must die!) Overload combine with my lack of gem comprehension made me focus on having an elemental character. I always slot my armor with elemental gems and weapons with elemental gems. There is an odd satisfaction in having 4 DoT on monsters. (Ice & Poison gems, Coupe (Elec), SS (Fire)).

Currently I have 1 Coupe De Grace, Supercharged, and Charge Dominion. They all work nicely and syngerize so that I stun (Coupe), kill small monsters (Dominion), then wail on the big ones (Supercharged).

I currently have 13 Skill points floating around and don't know where to put them. Bulkwark would always be useful but I'm not necessarily a tank build. Most of my skills are stun and push monsters away. While playing some of the mapworks boss and large mobs can OHKO me. I can kill small and medium monsters very easily. Large ones take a while. Bosses I have to switch to a Canon (with an HP drain gem) for the DPS and chip away keeping Force Field on. However elemental weirdness makes me want to try Fire & Spark. Coupe, Supercharge, and Dominion also are attractive. I know that Coupe would only be for killing medium monsters since bosses & large monsters don't Stun. Supercharge would be best on large & boss monsters, but could it compete with the safety & DPS of a Canon? Dominion for Charge is great, but will only be effective with small monsters. Decisions. Decisions.

Currently I've been only using elemental gems on everything. The exceptions are the 1 Charge gems and HP drain on Canons for bosses. I don't know all the nuances of the substats to make great use of the gems. +Mana, MP, Range, Pets, and Knockback can be avoided. HP drain on weapons doesn't seem that useful since most kills are from Coupe. How good are -Weapon/Armor or +Weapon/Armor? Should +Luck/Money/XP be considered? At one Point I thought Damage Reflect would be great, but doesn't the Forcefield block it?

Str: not sure how fast to pump this.
Dex 25: I got this since I confused this for the stat to increase Shield Bash. If I'm supporting people how important is Dodging?
Foc 25: Got this initially for the MP boost. I plan to pump it at some time for Shield Bash damage. Now sure when or how much.
Vit 125: Current I raise it just for armor. In reading various threads this is to be topped of when it gives 30% Block.

What Now?
So that's my goofy character. Any advice to polish him off and give more direction? Right now he's really great at stunning, muting, slowing monsters down, and killing small & medium monsters. He will probably never complete with other players at dealing damage. 15 monsters and some bosses can make him explode. More and fast Charge is always nice for Forcefields. Thanks a bunch!


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