Does taking screenshots still work?

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Decided to fire up TL1 again 8-) Problem is,taking screenshots doesn't seem to work anymore, at least not for me. IIRC it did work back then and created "[lots_of_numbers].png" files. The hotkey is supposed to be "Shift+F9", right? But pressing it does nothing. Also, there is no %appdata%\runic games\torchlight\screenshots folder (still running Win XP) and manually creating it didn't help either (and it should be created automatically anyway).

Had this hotkey been disabled in one of the last patches/versions (don't know if 1.15 was out back then) or could I have accidently disabled it by editing the settings.txt (though I just disabled the camera shake)?

Is there maybe a key code I could just add to the settings.txt to make it work (like those KEYMAP_JOURNAL :74, KEYMAP_OPTIONS :27, KEYMAP_PAUSE :13 etc.)?

PS: I know there are other ways to take screens (fraps, printscreen and ctrl+v from clipboard) but as the hotkey did work sometime ago, I'd like to focus on that one first.

Thanks for any help & happy holidays everyone!


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    Just fired up TL1 and tested it -- Shift-F9 still works for me, and puts the shots in AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\screenshots (that's on Win 7 though, so I imagine your location should be correct for XP, from what I recall).
    I don't think the screenshot command can be rebound, but you could try resetting all keybindings/settings to their defaults just to be certain? Not sure what else to recommend.

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  • That did it! Deleted the settings.txt to restore key bindings and taking screens works fine now. Thanks :-)

    EDIT: TorchKit now shows slightly different values in the keybinding dropdown menus... maybe the original settings.txt was corrupted in some way. Anyway, it works now :)
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