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Hey everybody !

As it's a group about Synergies, I will first present you Synergies, and then present you this group.

What is Synergies ?
  • It's a global overhaul of the whole game. That means the game, in better. A bit like Torchfun (for those who know that mod), OOO for Oblivion, and some would even say MedianXL for Diablo 2, Synergies is meant to give the player a much more challenging game, with stronger monsters, tougher monsters group, more champions, and even random boss encounters throughout the game, with great rewards ! That's for the "vanilla quest" part.
  • You also have 3 more classes (Necromancer, Warlock, Paladin), finished (only a few skills remain to be done for the Paladin) and balanced. And it provides an entire rework of the lightning tree of the embermage, and will provide in the future more rework of the vanilla classes.
  • It also provides a challenging end-game : once you hit the lvl 100, it's far from being over ! You have to grind specific stuff to raid very hard dungeons with entirely new bosses and scripted encounters. To beat a boss of one tier n, you will have to farm first the stuff from the tier n-1, if you want to be ever able to beat the boss. So far, the Tier 0 (and an intermediate tier) have been finished ; the Tier 1 is almost done.
For more information, I suggest you view this section of the synergies forum :
It's a real challenge and it really changes the whole game.

Now : What is this group ?
We are a group of people who play Synergies on Elite difficulty. More precisely, we have 2 weekly games on Friday and Saturday when we play. On Friday, we take a character from lvl 1 until he beats the main story, and we take the same character every week. On Saturday, we raid the synergies end game content.
So if you're looking for an open and active group to play Torchlight II Synergies.. We are here ! Every Friday and Saturday there are always 3 or 4 of us (we're 30+ in the steam group), and it's a lot of fun !
More details are given here :

May you have great games with Torchlight 2 !


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