1h tanky engineer build

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Yes, I already looked into Pinned posts. I read almost whole 12 pages from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=38671

But still confusing. You guys still arguing each others. I just need only 1 perfect tanky, group support build :(

Btw i'm using SynergiesMOD, and my friends are Outlander and Necro.


  • My idea for a 1H build

    The key support skill is forcefield and charge generation is important for maximum shield.
    Shield bash for charge generation and stun.
    Charge **** for chance for full charge on kill.
    Supercharge for additional damage and charge. You may have mana problem in the beginning, +mana is important on your weapon.
    Coup de grace to finish off stunned enemies.
    Emberquake for AOE wickedness.
    Onslaught for debuff and escape.

    Stat allocation 2 str and 1 for dex, focus and vitality should work.
  • I also have more important question. Actually its too noob question, but I owned this game recently, so really don't know.

    As I said before, I'm planing play with my other 2 friends. Those already chosen Embermage and Outlander (2 range). So should I go with tanky? Actually I wanted play as 2h melee dps engineer. Is tank must have role in each party? If I choose 2h dps, can we beat Elite and other hard modes? Can we beat endgame dungeon, raids?
  • Also looks like mod named Synergy is famous and they say its quite good good balanced. And adds more stuffs. Should we play with Synergy mod for future more fun or just forget that and play vanilla?
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