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Hello i am currently playing a level 10 Cannon Engineer in Elite mode i am having trouble on pulling the trigger on what stat point allocation i should use. Its a normal cannon engineer build full physical with the normal abilities Blast Cannon as primary ability for damage Healing bot sledge bot gunbot heavy lifting roflcopter tremor and such.

I have read alot of guides and forum posts on Physical Dmg Cannon Engineers and they say put most of your points into str and some into dex up to a certain point and ignore vitality completely
So i got confused some people say go full str and some dex and ignore vit completely or put mostly into str and some dex and then a little into vit. I am playing in elite mode i would think some into vit wouldn't be bad but i just want to min mix what ever is best so if you could help me decide on what i should put my points in im level 10 and have 45 stat points unspent lol i know what to do for abilities just not stat point allocation.

its getting harder to progress through elite mode with no stat points in lol it would be greatly appreciated if you could help so i can actually play the game! Thanks!!!!


  • The primary thing you should consider because you are a cannon elite, is the fact you are in elite difficulty. One thing you're missing is important: forcefield. Even at a distance, you'll have ranged attackers pelting you and the occasional melee getting through your meatshields. It may seem weak at first, but a well-invested forcefield can get powerful later on.

    I would not be afraid in putting some of those points in Vitality. Not only will it boost your health to a degree but it will raise your armor.
  • No i know to put points into force field im doing a normal Blast cannon Physical Damage Engineer with the works for defenses and bots i just need to know what to put my stat points in
  • If you didn't put anything into vitality, I'd put 20 of those points into vitality, the rest strength.

    Also, I'd also add to Vitaltiy every 4th or 5th level that you would come across, and be cautious even if you know where you are.
  • i havent put any points in i have 45 stat points to put in. how come some people say to not put any points in vitality as a physical damage engineer well in my case im cannon physical damage but some people say not to put any points into vitality its why im so confused lol
  • There's a respec save game editor by chthon that allows you to change your stats and skill in case you make a mistake or regret a certain allocation.

    I suggest you start with veteran difficulty to get a feel for the game. I started with a dual pistol outlander and ran into trouble with the first boss grell because I wasn't too familiar with the mechanics of the game.

    Vitality improves block, health and armor. Since a cannoneer does not use shield there's no use for block. 1 point of vit grants 4 points of health. If you take your character to level 100 you will find gems that increases your health by more than 1000, which makes vit somewhat pointless for health, you are much better off putting points into killing enemy faster.

    As for armor, even if you invest in vit for armor, it will be quite difficult to increase it beyond 500 by level 40. By then armor with +300-500 health will be quite common. Your concern will be mostly big spikey hits by enemies. Increasing health and damage reduction will be relatively easier than increasing armor. Health absorbs both elemental and physical damage, no time wasted for upgrading and socketing elemental protection. Further into the game, armor become useless against enemy hits.

    If you intend to complete the game once, it shouldn't be much of a problem where you put your points. If you want to take your character to level 100, vit is not very useful for a cannoneer.
  • This isn't my first ARPG its why im playing on elite mode veteran is too boring when i first got the game i was like this is way to easy and i just quit so im coming back to play elite mode ive played diablo 2 and 3 and path of exile all the way to end game so im not new to ARPG its just i read these guides for cannoner and they are like oh don't put any points into vit and some are like oh put your points into vit its why i was so confused. that being said i should only put my points into Str and Dex? What is a good point to stop putting points into dex? ( most of the people did say don't put any points into vit so im going to go ahead and not do that if its not needed and just get HP from gear.)
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    I may end up regretting it, but I put a lot into vit to use better canons since they all only have vit requirements. Definitely makes it easier to level in elite, but it probably won't end up being the most efficient.
  • I took a cannoneer build from a website. Here it is:


    Heavy Lifting: 15
    Coup de Grâce: 15


    Healing Bot: 15
    Blast Cannon: 15
    Gun Bot: 15
    Sledgebot: 15
    Charge ****: 1


    Forcefield: 15
    Immobilization Copter: 15
    Aegis of Fate: 1
    Charge Reconstitution: 10


    -Armor Expertise
    -Animal Handling

    Maybe you can use it as a base.
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