Titan Stomp rank 11 & Frost Shield rank 11

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Hi, my destroyer has ten skill points in frost shield and in titan stomp.

On skills chart it appear that frost shield 11th rank could be achieved at char lvl 40. Idem for Titan stomp. Those skills are class skills so i think it's not possible to add rank boosting offensive spell mastery. Is that ok? :|

Now, my destroyer is lvl 59 but i can't add any other skill points to those two skill :( . Is it a bug..or it could only happen maybe with an **** character?

Thank you in advance for your response.

I'm playing Torchlight v1.15, normal char, not ****


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    First, offensive spell mastery boosts offensive SPELLS, not skills. Spells are those u use by putting them in your spell slots(you have 4 spell slots). Skills can't be 'boosted' by anything other than skill points.
    Now the main question - there is no level 11 for any skill BY DEFAULT. you can give it only 10 points and bring it to level 10. Why does it show description for level 11? becoz sometime (very very very rarely) you find items that say '+2 to titan stomp' etc. This is the only way to raise skills more than lvl 10 IN-GAME. Out of game, you can modify the code and do a lot, even raise the limit to 20 levels per skill.
  • Yhank you so much. Now i see. So maybe if i find some items with special boosting enchantments...
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    To further amplify:

    How Rare???
    There are exactly 19 Unique Items in the game that inherently add one level to some single Class-specific Skill. 10 standard Uniques, and 9 Epic counterparts (1 item has no Epic version).

    There is exactly one standard/Epic Unique item pair that will enhance Titan Stomp by +1 level - The Legendary Titanbane, a polearm, and its Epic version, item levels 29 and 57.
    Good Hunting.

    There is no out-of-the-box in-game item that will add a level to Frost Shield.

    Do It Yourself???
    It is possible to find Rare items that have + to Skill enchantments, but it is enormously rare. It is also possible to enchant items to have + to Skill enchantments.
    However, in thousands of hour of play, and literally thousands of enchantments, including many hundreds with level 100 characters, I have never seen a Class specific Skill plus-up as the result of enchantment, or inherent on a Rare item.
    You could do it with the editor, of course.

    Why Does Every Level 10 Description Box Show The Stats for Level 11???
    A Great Mystery. However, most likely because:
    a) someone forgot to take it out, in the rush to deliver, since it does not affect game play. Torchlight was, after all, extremely rapid game development.
    b) they left the functionality in the data box for those who might create mods with higher levels via TorchED.
    c) or the data boxes are not really individual objects with the data for each level of Skill, but rather a calculator script that fills in the blanks for each next level of advancement as you achieve the current one.
    Take your pick. Then ignore any references to Skill Level 11.

    BTW, I am not sure that even with the +1 Level via Titanbane you can reach Level 11.
    I have many items that give a +1 or +2 level boost to various Passive Skills. None of them will boost the subject Skill to greater than Level 10. I have proved this out in practice many times.

  • Then how was your feeling after achieving several levels out from the game?

    To stop the attacker, hit him with expandable batons
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    Not sure what this question meant, but...

    If I have an item that gives +2 to a Skill, like Advanced Spellcasting, I try to only add Skill Points to take Advanced Spellcasting to, say, Level 8, and save a couple Skill Points to use elsewhere.
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