Is there a mod that shuts up the annoying pets?

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Love TL2 but the sound of the pets is driving me nuts. Barking, yapping, growling, yipping and other noises I can hardly describe. If they made a noise every so often it wouldn't be an issue, but these pets are constantly making noise. It's akin to Chinese water torture at this point. Are there any mods out there that quiet them down?


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    You can edit/remove unit sounds in GUTS. I have not done this myself though.
    I have a mod (Xev's pets or Synergies) featuring the brackenwitch as pet, but her walking sound is even more annoying than the frequent evillaugh. Would be nice if this sound is removed in an update :D
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    Jaelus wrote:
    You can edit/remove unit sounds in GUTS. I have not done this myself though.

    I tried that with my clouddragon pet, because even when idling, he roars every **** second. But unfortunately, 'removing' the sounds by selecting blank, he still roars.
    I even switched through all dragon sounds in the sound banks and decreased the volume by around 50%, but that seems only to affect the enemy dragons.
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  • That's unfortunate. Thanks for the info.
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    Put this together pretty quickly, let me know if there are issues or if it's not working. It worked based off a bit of testing. This removes all the sounds from vanilla pets. ... loadid=584

    You can remove the sounds by using the Remove File options in GUTS.
  • I've only tested a couple animals but so far your mod seems to work perfectly. It's amazing! I thank you immensely and so do my ears!
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    You are welcome! Glad you will enjoy it!
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    Thanks to everyone for the information, I had the same question about StreamingG!!

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