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Hello, all. I'm currently planning the stats/skills/spells/gear out for a berserkers endgame, as that is my next build. I've decided to go with a ravage build, but have some questions regarding it.

1.) Would a gem that 'conveys **** damage over yy seconds' directly affect my weapon's DPS, and thus increase the damage output of Ravage?
2.) Is Red Wolf any good? I intend to go sword & board (I know dual-wield is a solid choice, but i'm on the slower end of reaction times and 75% block sounds nice), and I fully intend to get to Crit Chance cap. Theoretically, Red Wolf would be a great idea, but i've read some disparaging remarks regarding its range and viability.
3.) GEAR. So, looking at the max level unique Berserker set (Harbinger/Draketalon), I notice that it's very specifically tooled for dual-wielders. Is it still a solid option to go with, if only to get the 25% crit chance at the end? Anyways, another problem I foresee is mana regeneration. Someone's build on this site uses 3 pieces of the Aristocrat set to achieve +% mana steal on auto attacks. However, if I sacrifice 3 pieces of Harbinger to do so, are the set bonuses inherent in Harbinger even worth it any more? Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this particular issue.
4.) I noticed that the Berserker and the Engineer have an inherent +25% to damage reduction. Does that in any way affect the DR Cap of 75%, or is that still the hard cap? At the very least, it saves 5 sockets, which is nice, I suppose.
5.) What armor gems would you suggest for a character that has empty slots and is already at Crit Chance, Block, Dodge, and Damage Reduction Caps?
Any and all help would be much appreciated!



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    I have 2 lvl 100 berzerkers in NG+ and am leveling another one right now (66) in NG..oh almost forgot the one I beat tarroch tomb in veteran with at lvl64 wearing a lvl35 armor ^^ (build below)
    I plan to make a "everything you have to know" beginner guide for people with all those steam sales but for now I'll answer you

    1) NO, damage over time is almost useless in this game sadly
    2) red wolf works well with dual-wield left-click melee build, ravage and shadow burst (it will trigger red wolf), it's range is very short it will only trigger on ennemies in near contact with your target (thats why it's ncie to use with fly though a pack of ennemies so they will likely take red wolf damage) it's definitely not a priority in terms of skills to take
    3) THE best armor for berzerkers is lvl53 sentinel set, check minehead and mapworks shops all the time once you beat the 1st playthrough BEFORE you go into ng+, why sentinel ? +22%all damage +33%cast speed (huge improvement) and most important x% mana stolen ! mana stolen on a zerk doing criticals all the time = full mana back in 1-2hits = infinite ravage :shock: (buy all sentinel/highridge items you see and transmute them together until you get sentinel parts with 300-500health need a lot of hp for endgame, don't tell me it's hard it took me less than 1 week to gather 10 just need to go back to town and chekc the shops every floor or area you complete, shop inventory is renewed every 5 minutes)
    4) 75% still hard cap and dont worry it's already a lot, only elite ennemies lvl200 can kill you with a properly built zerk ;)
    5) don't do anything to increases crit chance it's completely useless with the zerk frenzy charge bar, if you don't have a charge bar almost full all the time as an endgame zerk something is wrong in your build, your main goal should be max physical damage and max critical damage bonus (500%)

    berzerker is the best endgame class for a very good reason : you can max dodge (battle standard),all damage reduction(armor/socketables),shield block(shield/spell) and missile reflect(ice shield)
    oh and also we have wolfpack which believe it or not is the most powerful skill in this game

    akll those builds are tarroch tomb elite proven and I played none of those with lvl100 enchanted armors (which should make them even better)
    My 1st lvl 100 berzerkerwith ravage
    [b]ravage only build[/b]
    STR 490
    DEX 15
    FOC 5
    VIT 25
    howl max
    raze max
    ravage max
    blood hunger (works with ravage,storm hatchet,wolfpack btw)
    rampage 12/15
    battle standard max
    frenzy mastery max
    shred armor max
    red wolf max
    sentinel armor, all parts with +health bonuses, socketed limoany,grell,health,mana regen
    roundhaven lvl23 unique shield socketed with 2 skulls of festuur(+40vit) +4%block from enchants
    quatermass & the pit lvl 100 mace socketed with vellinque (100%chance to trigger stormclaw-like lightning, works with ravage !)
    nothing complicated there, you ravage everything and against heavy ennemies you use raze when the ravaging filled your charge bar
    A fun to play build that I beat tarroch tomb solo in veteran difficulty with (could do elite with a better armor than wazir)
    [b]shadow burst-raze build[/b]
    STR 310
    DEX 15
    FOC 5
    VIT 25
    howl max
    raze max
    rampage max
    ice shield max
    shadow burst max 
    battle standard max
    frenzy mastery max
    red wolf max
    wazir armor set socketed with grell eyes,1.7mana regen,+160hp gems
    roundhaven lvl23 unique shield socketed with 2 skulls of festuur(+40vit) +4%block from enchants
    quatermass & the pit lvl 100 mace socketed with vellinque
    howl->build charge->shadow burst though groups of ennemies
    howl->raze heavy targets
    The best high lvl zerk build most damage best defense and safe
    [b]storm hatchet-wolfpack build[/b]
    !!! stat points distribution was in part dictated by the limitations of the low lvl armor enchants (lv101 legendaries requi 486 str) 
    STR 332
    DEX 15
    FOC 163
    VIT 25
    ravage 1 (to fight the tar goo in tarroch tomb, wolfpack doesnt work on them and to tank against the titan boss)
    blood hunger max (works with hatchet & wolfpack)
    rampage 11/15
    storm hatchet max
    ice shield max
    cold steel mastery max (obviously you need to have seriously powerful ice enchanted weapons to take this, a staff works too's a melee weapon after all)
    battle standard max
    wolfpack max
    frenzy mastery max
    shred armor max (works with hatchet & wolfpack)
    sentinel set is again super useful also it will make you shoot hatchets and wolfpacks at sub-machinegun speed
    centerwing shield lvl58 shield 21%block +15%cast speed (even faster hatchet pack shooting ^^)
    storm hatchet to kill from a safe distance and build charge very fast
    wolfpack after that or before, it does almost only crits anyway
  • Your Storm Hacthet and Wolfpack build sounds awesome, i'm going to roll a similar character ASAP. (my zerk build is boring)

    But could you elaborate on the details you've chosen? like other gear and such. (maybe show off your character in a vid)

    And why use storm hatchet at all? if wolfpack crits all the time anyway? :)
  • made a video but with someone elses character and items lol
    considering I have way better gear than him it wouldn't have proven anything maybe this will be a "more acceptable" demonstration

    once you can beat tarroch tomb as easy as this (and I played a lot in veteran difficulty) you'll get several legendaries and all the good high lvl skulls, you can do whatever you want after that really, my highest 2handed axe does 2734dps and 1h sword 1600dps or something, but I always use the same old "quatermass & the pit" mace I dropped in mapworks because it gives you 100% chance to cast lightning and this works with every raze,hatchet,wolfpack,ravage target hit ! meaning all targets if they survive the 1st hit will do 1 chain lightning attack to the ennemy next to them which with a 1300dps weapon to start with (vellinque+enchants) will probably 1-shot them too

    btw after trying several times to level up a zerk from lv1 in elite HC (with no shared stash items!) and dying 30-40 times ><
    skip the cold steel mastery and play with shadow burst IF you play elite-veteran ****, for softcore take cold steel, you don't care if you die anyway and you'll own the ennemies that much more 8-)

    shadow burst and hatchet are good enough for end of act1 and act2, it'll feel slow to kill some bosses in act3 tough (just did it using only what I could buy/drop no shared stash) but as you can see in the video, it will soon change from slow to 1-shot everything
    max ice shield as much as you can before the end of act3 or the robot titan endboss of act3 will definitely 1-shot you (seen it too often in elite **** :cry:)
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