Any DW wielding melee/caster hybrid builds?

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I have a great melee only build thanks to Cthon which pretty much dominates everything...except Tarrochs tomb, is there any build that lets me utilize DW swords but can clear out tarrochs on elite?


  • you can try my wolfpack build but honestly I wouldnt try tarroch tomb in elite without a shield, sooner or later a 30k+ 1shot is going to come and it's either you block it or you loose
    The best high lvl zerk build most damage best defense and safe
    [b]storm hatchet-wolfpack build[/b]
    !!! stat points distribution was in part dictated by the limitations of the low lvl armor enchants (lv101 legendaries requi 486 str) 
    STR 332
    DEX 15
    FOC 163
    VIT 25
    ravage 1 (to fight the tar goo in tarroch tomb, wolfpack doesnt work on them and to tank against the titan boss)
    blood hunger max (works with hatchet & wolfpack)
    rampage 11/15
    storm hatchet max
    ice shield max
    cold steel mastery max (obviously you need to have seriously powerful ice enchanted weapons to take this, a staff works too's a melee weapon after all)
    battle standard max
    wolfpack max
    frenzy mastery max
    shred armor max (works with hatchet & wolfpack)
    sentinel set is again super useful also it will make you shoot hatchets and wolfpacks at sub-machinegun speed
    centerwing shield lvl58 shield 21%block +15%cast speed (even faster hatchet pack shooting ^^)
    storm hatchet to kill from a safe distance and build charge very fast
    wolfpack after that or before, it does almost only crits anyway
  • Would this be viable in Elite? Thanks.
  • you can stand in the middle of tarroch tomb and just cast wolfpack, 1 cast with a lv100 staff or whatever weaspon you have will 1shot all 1st wave ennemies and champs wont last that much longer, it only starts getting hard at the artificer wave
    the only people owning tarroch tomb bosses more than this all cheat
    I saw someone using wolfpack, restarted a new zerk only to play it and wow...if you tought prism bolt was powerful already, wolfpack is even more OP
    he was dual wielding btw but had fully enchanted and socketed lvl100 armor unlike me (I have them but dont want to play with them)
  • Ok. Would this let me use two swords and attack normally and still dish out lots of damage.
  • you could melee but it will never do more damage than skills
    hatchet does more than 100% weapon dps so more than a normal attack
    and wolfpack too because it has a percentage of wepaon damage + bonus damage

    there is another thing I noticed after months of playing TL2 also...
    another reason not to play dual wield, most dual wield execute animations are VERY slow, much slower than a regular attack, the high level dragon skull shaped claws (like xtro's maw) a very good example, everytime you execute they seem stuck on the target for 1s then they hit again :(
    if you only equip one weapon you'll see you hit way faster and in the end it's better for everything, building up charge, chances to trigger special attacks like red wolf or stormclaw, armor shreding and blood hunger

    dual wield and execute were badly designed in the game and don't work as good as they should, sure they cna work at lv100 if you have super enchanted gear but then...even bare-handed you do crazy damage with enchanted armor...just played the first 5 waves of tarroch tomb in elite with my fists :roll:
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