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Hello! I've recently gotten into the GUTS editor and am trying to redesign a few of the audio elements. Problem is, I can't get any of my audio files to play. I load them into the Sound Bank Editor and they won't preview (with the play sound or play bank buttons) or work properly in the game. I've tried various formats but have focused on IMA ADPCM as that's what seems to be recommended. I intend to leave the sound bank structure as it is (for now) and I've tried replacing the existing sound files with my files of the same name, and adding newly named files. I just can't get them playing! Any suggestions? The volume is up :D


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    Hi peaklimiter. Are you doing straight replacement of the sound files (using the same filenames), or are you trying to edit the sound definitions to point to new files (new filenames)?
  • Hey, thanks for the reply! I've tried it both ways but let's say (for the sake of simplicity) that I'm renaming my sounds. I think I'm missing something pretty basic here. Let's say I'm trying to replace BOWLAUNCH1.WAV. Here's what I'm trying to do:

    Save my file as BOWLAUNCH1.WAV, a 4-bit IMA ADPCM .wav file in the SOUND/SWOOSH directory replacing the original.
    In the GUTS Sound Bank Editor, I navigate to ATTACKS/BOWLAUNCH1, remove it from the bank (the minus button), and re-add it just for kicks.
    When I hit play in the Sound Bank Editor it still references the original sound, not my new one.
    If I just add my sound with a new name to an existing bank, it won't play at all.

    It seems like I need to build the .DAT file or something for it to work? I've tried saving the banks and building the mod though and that doesn't work.

    Gotta be something really basic that I'm skipping over.
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    To replace existing game sounds I also tried both methods and never got the repointing method to work, although i was trying to use new filenames.

    I ended up using straight file replacement. It also didnt play at first in GUTS but I went ahead and built it and it worked in-game. Maybe its got something to do with having to "refresh" GUTS so it sees the new files.

    Regarding file formats Ive never been too careful with that but havent had too much trouble. Maybe the game engine is just very forgiving with that. I use Audacity and just export to .wav.

    But to add sounds that are totally new to the game I have successfully used the repointing method. I made new .DAT sound def files based on ones already in the game for this just using a text editor, then tested it in GUTS where it saw the new sound banks.
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