Embermage Havoc Build - Feedback Wanted

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Embermage Havoc Build
Unparalleled Destruction


Are you tired of using boring builds that don't offer any varying visual affects? Is the old Prismatic Bolts centered build getting old? Fear not, for I will put an end to your sorrow. Ladies and Gentlemen; The Havoc Build.

Active Skills

Blazing Pillar (15/15) - Not optional, you need this skill and you need to max it. Why? Because it looks cool

Infernal Collapse (15/15) - Must be included in this build. Intended for use immediately after Death's Bounty for ridiculous amounts of health, mana, and damage.

Firestorm (15/15) - Use after Infernal Collapse to finish the job.

Frost Phase (1/15) - Do not even consider putting more or less than 1 point into this skill, for any build. If you've ever so much clicked the plus sign underneath Frost Phase more than once you don't deserve to own a copy of Torchlight 2. Or a computer. Or a house. Or anything, for that matter.

Ice Prison (1/15) - Use it to trap bosses or block hallways while you rain down **** upon your foes with your array of ranged skills. Only put 5 points if that extra damage from them shattering appeals to you.

Prismatic Bolts (5/15) - Do not put more than 5 points into this. It doesn't scale well with points, so they would be better used elsewhere. Once you get to the mid-high levels, using this skill will cost very little mana for you to use, so map it to left click and use it in place of your weapon attack.

Death's Bounty (15/15) - Absolutely necessary, as it will save your life and grant you mana countless times. When maxed it has a 100 percent chance to stun, so you may find yourself using this even if you don't need health.

Shockbolts (15/15) - Yes, spamming this skill does horrible things to your mana until high levels, but it will never be an issue. You'll mostly be using this skill when your charge bar is fully loaded. If your bar is not fully loaded (and you don't have a **** ton of mana), you can throw it in between skill combos, but don't spam it.

Passive Skills

Charge Mastery (5/15) - Charge goes up so fast once you get to the higher levels that you'll never need more than 5 points in this skill, even for a somewhat charge centered build.

Fire Brand (15/15) - A lot of your damage will come from fire so you'll need this to be maxed. Will buff Prismatic Bolts as well.

Ice Brand (1/15) - Used to buff Prismatic Bolts.[/s] Near useless for this build, do not take.

Wand Chaos or Staff Mastery (15/15) - One or the other, but maxing the one that corresponds to your weapon choice is crucial.

Lightning Brand (15/15) Buffs your Shockbolts and Prismatic Bolts.


I went 4 Focus and 1 Vitality every level and it works pretty well. You could go 5 Focus or even 3 Focus, 1 Dexterity, and 1 Vitality if you wanted, but I don't know enough about this game to determine which is the most effective. When I went 5 focus every level with this build, someone would tap me on the shoulder and I would drop dead, so I used Rapid Respec to change to 4:1 with Focus and Vitality. Doing this will also open up a lot more gear options, since many Embermage gears require high Focus and low Vitality.


Even though you'll never use it, get a weapon with extremely high DPS, because Shockbolts is affected by DPS and you will want it to do a lot of damage. I don't have much other information for you, take notes from other builds.


1. Your basic combo will be Death's Bounty + Infernal Collapse + Firestorm. Queue Prismatic Bolts or Shockbolts in between spells for added damage. Death's Bounty, Infernal Collapse, and Firestorm can be used at any range as long as you have a view to the target. Your opponent could be on the other side of a crevice or at the bottom of a ledge and you will still be able to attack them. Take advantage of these long range opportunities every time they are present, as they will even let you kill certain mini bosses without being touched.

2. When your charge bar is loaded spam Shockbolts like crazy to wreck havoc in every corner of the screen. Set up Ice Prison to either block, trap, or protect yourself from enemies and fire away with Shockbolts. If both Wand Chaos and Shockbolts are maxed you're going to start seeing a ridiculous amount of random effects. Don't worry, you'll like it (your computer may not, though). Staff users should have put points into Staff Mastery instead, which isn't as fun, but will do very evil things to your opponents resistances.

3. Don't spam Prismatic Bolts, you mainstream moron.

4. Broaden your usage of Ice Prison. Block tight corridors, shield yourself, trap bosses, and use it to distract enemies. You only get one every 10 seconds, so make good use of it.

5. If you're using Staff Mastery, combo with Shockbolts + Prismatic Bolts. The Shockbolts will wreck all your opponents resistances and the Prismatic Bolts will inflict every type of damage. Again, extremely effective, but not as fun as Wand Chaos. Fun or power, your pick.

So yes, probably not the most effective, but I've tried countless builds and not found one as fun as this.

Credit to these two builds for the idea

Edits Made to This Build Since Release

* Charge Mastery definitely does not need more than 5 points. While using this build at higher levels, charge goes up so fast with this at 5 that having it any higher is unnecessary. Use the extra 5 points to max your Fire Brand passive.

*I've decided that the extra 4 points I put into Ice Prison for the damage bonus could be better used elsewhere. Mostly because almost all your damage in this build comes from fire and lightning, so putting the points into Lightning Brand would help much more.

*You will not need any points in Ice Brand. It's not going to help you much except to buff Prismatic Bolts, but the point would be better spent in any of the other brands. You'll do more damage anyway should Prismatic Bolts burn or shock anyone, plus it helps the build more overall.

Important FAQ

Why waste time making this build?
A: I didn't like the other builds very much. I need colors flying around and **** exploding every other second in order for me to thoroughly enjoy this game. Those generic builds that focus around making one or two skills extremely powerful simply dont do it for me.

This build is ****, your ideas are ****, you are ****. I die before anything else on my screen does.
A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5braVaanAMQ

Seriously though, this build has no survivability. Why not take Immolation Aura?
A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ENi2oTCAm8#t=60


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    I was running a chaos shockbolt mage on elite too. Instead of IC and Firestorm combo I went for the arc beam hailstorm combo. Leveling was slightly easier through the early levels because of hailstorm. 5 points in hailstorm and 1 in locus breeze through the tar slime phase beast.
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