help installing mods on steam

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Hey guys sorry for the noob question. I'm new to steam, just not sure what I need to do to get mods running. I'm running XP Thanks guys


  • Hey.

    Check out my Mod Manager if you want to handle mods.
    Just install a mod (folder) using the built-in option.

    Otherwise, just move the mod (folder) to the %appdata%\runic games\torclight\mods folder.
  • thanks for the reply don't see the %appdata%\runic games\torclight\mods folder when i open up the steam folder in my program files. Am i going to the wrong folder?
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    In Windows XP:
    1) Go to Start -> Run.
    2) Type in '%APPDATA%\Runic Games\Torchlight\mods' - hit 'OK'

    that *should* pull up the mods folder for you. drop the mods there.
    note the full path for later mods.
    the above works in vista also btw. did with me, on vista.
  • thanks :D it worked
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