How can I improve my embermage build (normal difficulty)?

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Hey everyone,

I'm having great fun playing TLII for the first time, and I was asking myself if there might be ways to improve my current build. I know it's only normal difficulty, but I would still like to reach some kind of optimal battle efficiency.

Skill build: [LINK DELETED]
I have 37 skill points left.

My attribute points as well as equipped gear can be found here:
I put all of my attribute points into Focus. The other attributes are increased through equipment/gear.

My strategy for battles is pretty simple:
  • Start with Firestorm, then do Blazing Pillar, repeat until they die.
  • If my pet manages to get their attention, keep doing Firestorm and Blazing Pillar, but add Magma Spear from a distance.
  • If they start following me and harassing me, I teleport away using Frost Phase, then return to Firestorm + Blazing Pillar.
  • If necessary (for example, a tough Champion or Boss), do Thunder Locus close to the enemy.
  • If necessary (tough Champion or Boss), do Firebombs, their burning-over-time-damage is insane!

How can I improve on my current build?
    1.) Should I keep going Focus only? 2.) I have 37 skill points left, how can I allocate them in order to maximize my damage output, or my general survivability? What skills would you suggest? 3.) How can I improve on my equipment/gear? Which kind of equipment should I look out for? What kind of set should I try to collect and wear?
Thanks a lot in advance!



  • Hello Jimmy,

    01. Pure focus should be just fine for mages, you can get enough dex from gear. And Vitality is not worth the points.

    02. Since you are playing normal difficulty, all you need to care for is damage. Surviving won't be an issue. You can however max Frozen Fate, its awesome for crowd control. And Ice Prison would be great to keep Boss/Champions at check. Another great CC skill is hailstorm if you have ice or electric skill, like frost wave or thunder locus. Just play like you feel .. at normal, you are fine with anything. If you are dealing a particular type of damage, you should get that brands too. Or you can get all brands if you have the points.

    03. You can enchant your gear from an enchanter, you can put gems on them for extra boost. Any blue gear would serve you great, and time to time you'll find some cool unique golden gear. Here is a link where you can find a list of set items and their requirements.

    Best of luck and enjoy the game .. and eventually I hope you move to higher difficulty :)
  • Based on your distract the enemy with your pet strategy I would give your pet summon spells for more distractors and possibly even put a single point into AA...maybe

    But the best thing u can do is get ice prison, it will play into that strategy better than anything else, even at 1 pt it'll do wonders, but maxing it later so u can spam it is optimal IMHO..
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