Best spells for Embermage and Pet

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Hi there

Just wondered what the best Embermage spells are I'm lev 27 ATM I have animal handling 2-will this work on the pet? Self heal 2 barter 2 and adrenaline rush 1 - would retribution2 be good or arcane 2 and what are the best pet spells I have fireball 2 with my perma giant warsnout.

Thanks for any advice



  • Mage: dervish is easy ur best burst dps spell, blocking if u use a sheild is a lock, concentration is decent if u need the mana esp early, and if u don't or ur not using a sheild willpower is a decent passive, and I always use adventuring 1-6 til 100...

    Pet: I use heal all and 3 levels of frost, many prefer to use summons tho
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