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My friend Abramoff is working on a mod-translator. Translate mods is difficult enough, we tried make this process easier.


The program scans all DAT-files in mod, finds all <translate>strings. Then finds all new - those that do not have a translation in TRANSLATION.DAT- file.


Now we are ready to translate.

You can translate all text manually or use the built-in feature - automatic online "machine translation"(we use Yandex service. Machine translation requires correction).

Then this utility generates code for TRANSLATION.DAT- file.

You can add new strings to the original file TRANSLATION.DAT or create a new one.
Later, you can make a new stand-alone translation-mod or add/repack the original mod.

If someone interested in this program, we can make an English version. :)

In game:
Death Knight
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    That's pretty darned cool!
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    Amazing piece of work!

    Every thing you post, all of your work, shows a lot of innovation I love it.
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    That is awesome! I hope you share it with people over on RGF, as there are a lot of mods over there that people in other countries are playing. ;)
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  • Kva3imodaKva3imoda Posts: 984 ✭✭
    Thank you guys. :) The last few weeks I rested and did nothing, it's time to go back.
    We completed the utility, required tests.

    Download Torch2<translate> v1.00 zip

    This version included German TRANSLATION.DAT file. For other languages, it is necessary to use other files. You can find them here: MEDIA\TRANSLATIONS\

    Known issues:
    Some punctuation marks are removed during translation.
    Use "Scan all" after you select a mod folder. :)
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    Thanks for this tool! I'm playing Torchlight 2 again with my better half but she s**ks at English. I'll translate the mods we use to French so she can enjoy it better. It wouldn't have been possible without this tool. What is available in GUTS does not really work with mod translation.

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