Stun locking bosses with Shocking Burst

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I'm currently at around lvl 40 embermage using shocking burst at veteran. What surprises me is that some bosses can be stun locked by SB. I practically one shot the faceless king and blue boletus without any reply. I was holding down my RMB for SB the whole time and replenishing my mana with potion with the "X" button. Took me about 3 or 4 potions and the enemy just stood there until it dies.

I could have done the same to the siege guardian but it's minions was damaging me and I had to break it off to heal. I managed to lock it 3 times throughout the fight. There is a distinct groaning sound that signaled that I got the lock, same for other bosses and mobs, once locked there's a repetitive sound that sounds like groaning. The thing is that I couldn't do the same to general grell so it may not work for all bosses.

I wonder if anyone has same experience using shocking burst or if any other bosses can be locked down, I'm not sure if this is a bug. I have 5 points in SB with 34% cast speed which I believe is the ceiling for 10 hits per second. What I normally do is to cast hailstorm first for debuff, if the enemy is stunned I will phase in to try to lock it. Some of the tougher trash mob can recover to fight me off, which is why I'm surprised some bosses can be locked throughout and they didn't even need to be stunned first.


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    I'm literally curious: How does a post get over 600 views and still have 0 replies?
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    online bystander effect?

    Perhaps nobody had anything to add to what was said
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