HCE Cannoneer: Need build advice

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Hi guys,

This is what I planned so far after a lots of research (!!) ..

Storm Burst = 1
Coupe de Grace = 1

Heavy Lifting = 15
Healing Bot = 15
Blast Cannon = 15
Fusillade = 15
Fire and Spark = 15
Charge **** = 15
Force Field = 15
Immo Copter = 15

Total = 122 points. Where should I put the rest 10 points?

I also have a few questions:

01. Is there a better alternative for Storm Burst as an escape/mobility tool? Onslaught requires a melee weapon.

02. Do you need more than 1 point in CdG in late game (NG+ ~) ?

03. Is it possible to spam level 15 Blast Cannon in end game without sacrificing too many socket for mana regen gems?

04. is 15 points in Charge **** a waste? Both Blast Cannon and Fusillade can proc it, and its the only source for some occasional charge unless we go autoattacking time to time (which I don't want to). Even 15 points in it, It doesn't proc too often. But what else the alternative? !!

05. We have Force Field here so do you recommend Charge reconstruction? (We also have Heal bot which does a wonderful job at healing)

Thank you for your time and effort .. much appreciated :)


  • Ok so no interest on a Cannon Engi? I wonder why .. I have started building this build on HCE and I must say, its uber fun! And some suggestion would be great.

    This is my updated build.


    I have ditched Charge ****, and decided to max CdG for more CC damage. Charge **** is useless against single target, and even against crowd, then is no guarantee for it to proc. Stability is a must of HCE. CdG on the other hand, stronger with more points, its nice to see mobs melting that fast.

    Still worried about my force-field, its weak because I am spamming BlastCanon and nothing makes charge for me. Other than that, great damage for both mobs and bosses, and great fun so far. Getting ready to face Regent soon.
  • lonerangerloneranger Posts: 102
    Last night completed NG0 with my HCE cannoneer. It was fun all the way :)
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