prismatic bolt last skill choice

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New player, one week and loving the game. Playing vanilla normal and plan to for a long time. Don't normally enjoy mages, but having a blast so far. Would love input on which final skill to take. Currently at lvl 55, so I'm interested in which skill would be more beneficial for end game/ farming. My choice is between Deaths Bounty and Frozen Fate. Already have 1 point in FF. Also any comments on how many (if any at all) points to invest in elemental attunement. Thank you for your input


  • Hi Steved, take max frozen fate .. its absolutely awesome. And generally 5 points in EA is enough for most builds for extended elemental duration.
  • StevedSteved Posts: 12
    Thank you loneranger for your prompt reply, I will do exactly as you suggest. Any other comments/suggestions ? Still having a blast, finishing up first playthrough on berserker today. Mage is doing some mapworks soon to start second playthrough. Runic id is not use steam. Thank you
  • Good to hear that :) Max Frozen Fate and you won't regret it with your PB build. Get Ice Prison and Hailstorm too, and finally Immolation Aura if you have points to spare. Enjoy the game.
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    Thank you again. Will follow exactly what you have suggested for my mage. Loving the ranged play and the game in general. Looking forward to playing online. Have been playing only single player, while a blast, I'd imagine playing with others to be even more fun. Please feel free to add me as a friend (anyone). I play vanilla only on normal difficulty. Still learning the basics. Do not use Steam, my runic id is townnoob. Getting ready to start ng+ on mage and beserker. Just running a few mapwork lvls for fun. Thank you again......have fun.
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