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New player in love with the game so far. Playing vanilla normal and plan to stay that way for a long time. Enjoying current build...its mainly auto attacks with mana leech on wep. Single hand wep with shield. Raze for single targets. Low mana pool due to stat allocation mainly in str and mix of dex and vit. Don't plan on using any in focus. My confusion is which aoe skill to choose. I'm deciding between Ravage, Stormclaw, or shadowbind. Ravage concerns me due to high mana cost. Stormclaw damage too low due to lack of focus? Lastly, shadowbind looks good due to low mana cost, not sure if its easy to use and will do enough damage. Plan on maxxing Red wolf to help with multiple targets. Have and enjoy shadow burst, but its weak for an aoe imo. Any suggestions/input would be a great help. Please feel free to add me to friends if playing vanilla with a noob appeals to you :lol: Thank you


  • How about Northern Rage ? Autoattack + Redwolf is actually nice AOE, and storm-claw gets better with more weapon DPS, you don't need focus. And tire 1 SC is quite nice, if you don't mind casting it every now and then. Ravage is also a good choice but you'll have to wait till level 42.
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    Got to lvl 52 with points saved and no aoe....playing normal so its fairly easy but fun. Leaning towards storm claw for ease of use (long buff....less hotkey use and mana) Ravage looks great but the high mana scares me even tho I mostly autoattack and build mana fast (mana leech gem on weapon). Shadowbind seems very unpopular choice altho it sounds good to me, lol. One last thought....could frost breath be maxxed and used as an aoe ? Would it do enough damage in a str /dex build with no focus. Plan on using 1 hand wep with shield. Frost breath also has the more damage buff and combined with max cold steal mastery it may be viable ? Also noticed at max frost breath it can leech mana/health. Any comments are welcomed. Thank you again
  • Shadowbind does not actually "transfer" the damage, its one of the lies the skill descriptions tell. When I first started I always thought that it will work well with high damage skill like raze, when if fact it deals 43% weapon damage, like most other skills.
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    Thank you....that narrows it down to two choices( For me, at least, lol). Ravage seems superior..... negatives for me are high mana . Stormclaw I prefer for ease of use (less hotkeys). Only need to refresh every 40 seconds. However, my build has nothing in focus.....would that diminish the power/effectiveness of stormclaw? Sorry for my noobness, still trying to learn the basics. Plan on using shield always, not sure if that influences which aoe is best for me. battle standard mainly used for boss fights mainly? I cant see casting it for every mob pulled....already using howl and ice shield. Thank you to all that take the time to comment :)
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    Ravage is great even without Mana. Just get some mana leach so your auto attack can leach mana back and also some mana regen is good to have.
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    Thank you guys, went with a single point in storm claw (bonus damage for a point never hurts), and will max ravage. LOVE ravage so far, with mana leech on wep, so far its been very enjoyable to play. Two last questions.... Planning on playing with shield...Ravage aoe, Raze single target boss types, autoattack for mana. First, Battle standard or battle rage ? I'm more interested in defensive/survival buffs as opposed to offensive. Second, Have 14 points left for a passive(s). Have single point in blood hunger and rampage. Maxxed shred armor and Red Wolf. Any suggestions? I'm considering additional points in blood hunger or rampage, or , cold steel mastery, Rage retaliation, or frenzy mastery. Too many choices, lol. Thank you once again guys.....having a blast with the game, cant wait to try some online coop. Just starting NG+ on beserker and embermage. Happy Gaming to all !!! :lol:
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    I have never used Battle Standard for any of my Berserkers.

    I would place points into Ravage.

    Cold Steel Mastery is alright but it is only worthwhile if your weapon has a lot of Cold Damage and you have nice cold enchants on the weapon.

    Blood Hunger is fine at 1 point and only place more points if you any left over.
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  • normal should be renamed as EASY and casual in GODMODE
    don't think any of the skills you use are good or bad when you play normal, anything works in normal really it's super easy
    veteran gives you a better idea if a skill is good or not

    that said
    - howl-raise critical charge bar-shadow burst is not as weak as you think, actually using shadow burst is your only way of survival if you ever try a elite **** berzerker
    - wolfpack at lvl56 and later is the ultimate AOE..of the game ! no class can do as much damage as a zerk with wolfpack..check my video if you've missed it you'll see how badass it is and considering it will kill anything on-screen almost it's definitely an AOE skill (armor probably has cheated enchants but don't blame me it's not my save ;))
    you can also see what 1 ravage + max shred armor does in the middle of lots of ennemies ^^

    battle standard not only allows you to get charge real quick but it will also make you max dodge pretty easily which if you play elite or veteran is something you want to survive tarroch tomb
    wolfpack has the upside that at 15 the mana costs lowers unlike ravage that will be impossible to use at 15/15 unless you have something that leeches tons of mana, its costs like 95mp for 1 ravage at 15 if i remember right thats just insane for a non mage class and for having tested various values, the skill becomes useless unless you can chain several casts of it, same goes for glaive throw btw
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