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Hello this is my first character in Torchlight II i didnt check any guides b4, just wanted to play char i like and have pure fun from it.Now i just want to ask if this (stats distribution mainly) is any good build?What experienced players would change and why?My idea was to slam with flame hammer, stun/some dmg with mines, charge with backpack boost:) bouble for survi, i die in sec without it :)


  • if you really want to play a mix dps/ summoner i would only change a few things with your build.

    you have to pick melee or range attack if you are going with str stat.
    flame hammer or Fusillade

    under blitz take storm burst down to 1 point, and put the 4 extra points into heavy lifting.
    as a dodge skill storm burst is fine with 1 point.

    if you plan to flame hammer attack alot, drop spider mines and put the points in sledge bot, he is a strong summon.
    if you want to spider mines spam with a little flame hammer or, little spider mines with lots of flame hammer, that would work too.

    if you plan to melee attack a lot, drop one point from bulwark and put it in charge ****. 3% chance on kill to recharge all charges.

    it really comes down to how you want to play, and the best way to figure that out is to try new things :D
  • Thank you for posting, thing is i dont realy use melee attack, i just spam spidermines, storm burst into mobs then flame hammer, ofc with my all summons on.This playstyle works for me, but with this setup what stat should i boost up with gems/enchants? STR seems fine, coz flame hammer dps increase, right?And my next questin is: is heavy lifting affects flame hammer or just simple autoattack?
  • You should have 1 point in coup de grace, flame hammer or storm burst will proc it. Free damage for 1 point.
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    if you dont attack and just summon flame hammer is wasted, and so is str.


    this build is the summoner build i am running
    i put 50 points into focus to use higher lvl rings with enchantments
    and the rest into Vit.

    gear wise i put all pet damage skulls into the slots, and get dex up to max dodge, vit around 1000, and rest into focus for mana.
    you also want to get certain items with damage resistance.

    Belt : Outercore ( lvl 105 engi belt has 100% pet damage on it)
    Helm: The Asphyx with 5 Skull of Umbarmun
    Gloves: Hands of Orlac using 5 Skull of Umbaramun
    Necklace: Alhidade Amulet using 2 Skull of Joskin
    Rings: Gloomcircle x2 using 2 Skull of Joskin each.
    Main hand: Iron Sword using 2 Giant Chaos Ember for 12% cast speed. (if you get to NG+ or higher this weapon scales higher and higher, mine is lvl 100)
  • Thx for replays, this summoner build looks very nice ill try it for sure
  • keep in mind you can use more then one summoner skeleton on your character.

    my engis scrolls are; haste 6, animal handling 6, skelly 5, skelly 6
    pet is " slience, imp 4, imp 5, heal all 6
  • Things r going well so far, im 39 lvl, started a3, my goal here is to farm that iron sword, is that build doing well on end game? i mean doing maps and tarroch tomb? Thx Unsound fo tips, its very helpfull.
  • i have been farming tombs on my summoner engi for months, no issues.
    damage wont be huge like a glaivelander, or wolf pack zerker. but the numbers i am seeing and speed that i am killing works fine for me.
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