Removing starting skills

kerker Posts: 6
edited February 2014 in TorchED Community Help

I'd like to make it so you don't start the game with any skills already learned (i.e. no Ember Bolt, Slash Attack or Ricochet). Now, I found the Unit menu in TorchED and removed the initial skill levels from there - however when I start the game with this mod the old starting skill is still bound to the right mouse click with no clear way to unbind it and, more problematically, it can still be used. I've thought of a work around by introducing a fake starting skill (something like the default attack) but that seems unnecessarily messy. Is there a better way?

Also, I'd like to still have a skill point to allocate at the start of the game. Again a work around I'm thinking of is making a potion that gives you a skill point when consumed and putting that in to the characters inventory at the start. Is there a better way to do that too? (Actually, is that even possible? I don't see how I can add things to the starting inventory...)

Thanks in advance!
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