Which Beserker Skills Proc Gem Skills Like "Thunder"?

tsygnatsygna Posts: 29
edited February 2014 in Berserker Discussions
The Yellow Basilisk Eye can augment a weapon to give a 5% chance to proc the skill Thunder.

Does Thunder have a chance to proc anytime I use any skill that uses weapon DPS, such as actives like Wolf Shade, or passives like Rage Retaliation? Or does Thunder only have a chance to proc when using normal attacks?

Help is so much appreciated, thanks in advance!


  • It should work with all weapon dps based skill ... I think. Not sure though.
  • tsygnatsygna Posts: 29
    Thanks. But curious why you think any weapon DPS based skill has chance to proc Thunder? Does this include passives that do damage according to weapon based DPS too?
  • from what i have seen anything that procs on hit, only procs if the skills damage has weapon dps as one of the modifiers.
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