Flame Hammer DMG - Strength or Focus?

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I'm building a Fire and Spark Engineer and am wondering if Flame Gammer damage uses Strength or Focus? I want to do high DPS so should I dump points into Strength or Focus for this type of build? Thanks!


  • tsygnatsygna Posts: 29
    This link had a lot of useful and extremely detailed information on the matter... Currently searching for a simple answer though lol.

  • About your question, if the skill say DPS it means u need to add stat on main stat of your character in this case STR, if the skill dont say DPS it mean u need to add on Focus.
  • The base damage from flame hammer is weapon DPS so only effected by strength. But the splinters apply part of that weapon DPS as fire damage so they are effected by focus. Usually people go pure Strength for max base damage and max Fire and Spark for addition splinters damage boost. I am no expert by the way :)
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