Missing gar gar mission achievement

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Hi, i'm still playing Torchlight 1. My destroyer is 83 lvl and achieve 55lvl cap of fame.
Well, on the 5th level of the tower it seems that i miss something. I don't remember well. Maybe it happened i let my pet sell the Gar Gar Quest item o maybe i've never found it.
So Gar Gar quest could be never completed anyway and no other Gar Gar quests will be shown to me.

I tried to leave the tower and i did again all the ordrak levels without re-enter the tower hoping all tower's level i explored will reset. Then i hoped i could find a new fifth tower level with all thing new to found. It didn't happened.
The tower's fifth level appeared as i have explored it. I try to explore it again to find if i left something around but there's nothing.

Someone knows how could i do to reset tower's fifth level?

Thank you in advance..


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    What "tower" are you talking about? There IS NO tower in un-modded Torchlight.

    Is this some area that you added in by installing a mod?

    By "tower" do you mean the Shadow Vault?

    In any case, for any Quest for which the goal has become impossible (usually due to unwittingly selling the quest item) you can drop the quest by opening the Quests tab on the right half of the control bar. Highlight the Quest on the list and it should ask you if you want to abandon the Quest. Do so, as there is no way to re-set Quest levels once the target item is sold out of the game.

    Once you have abandoned the Quest, the appropriate quest-giver NPC should offer something new, deeper in the labyrinth.

  • ZatecazZatecaz Posts: 7
    Thank you for your response.

    You were right, it was the Shadow Vault. Well, i've returned here to see a hint too late. :( It's ok, i will play again another time till that point!

    Thank you
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